Thursday, 9 April 2015

2015 Favourites Part 1

Last year I decided to do quarterly posts to showcase my favourite books. I read a lot of books, and a lot of fantastic books at that, throughout the year. So I think it's kind of unfair that a lot of them get missed in my Top blah blah of blah blah post. Here you guys get to see all my top reads throughout the year. And maybe do a little guessing on which ones will make the tippity top.

From January 1st to March 31st I read a total of 60 books. There were a couple of DNF's. But those aren't included in count. I rated most of them 4* or higher. It has been an amazing first 3 months to the year. I also did quite a bit of re-reading in there(which is one of my yearly goals). Got a total of 8 re-reads in that 60. *high-five*
Something I noticed last year and is even more noticeable this year is that my tastes have changed. Last year I really got into NA and romance and that trend continued into the new year. More than half the books I've read thus far have been NA/romance as well as YA contemporary. Those seem to be the only books I'm in the mood for. Whenever I try to pick up a fantasy or sci-fi I've for the most part set it aside.

Without further ado, here are my favourites books from this first quarter.

Finally the much anticipated continuation of one of my favourite fantasy trilogies arrived. This book was pretty much everything I needed it to be. I missed Yelena and Valek so much. Here's my review.

Lord's sophomore novel is as perfect as her debut. Open Road Summer. Which was one of my favourites reads of 2014. I have a feeling this one will be too. I love me a good ship, and this is definitely a shippy book. But what Lord does best is female friendships. Way too much in YA there isn't any. Which is really sad. Thankfully there's The Start of Me and You out there. The friendship is beautiful. As well as the journey that the MC takes. Her growth is real. The characters are relatable. *hugs book* I just love you so much.  

If you missed this post. Samantha and I have challenged each other to read 12 of our favourite books this year. This happens to be the first one I read off her list for me. And now I know why it's one of her favourites. The feels are real! You're the One That I Want is just a really fantastic story about three friends and their life together. The ups. The downs. Everything. 

What can I say about I'll Meet You There? I just want everyone to read it. It's a story that needs to be heard. The characters a fantastic. But also the topics like PTSD are dealt with in a heart breaking yet heart warming way. This is easily my favourite read of the year, so far. And I have no doubt it will remain up there. Here's my review.

Of course I was a little upset when Winter got pushed back to make room for Fairest's release. But than I read Fairest and I changed my mind. Who knew I was going to feel sorry for Levana. It was really good to see where her story started. Why she's the hateful women she is now. Here's my review.

I know "sick-lit" and suicide focused books are the new trend in YA, so it's going to be one of those things where you have to dig through the meh to find the stories that are going to hit home. All the Bright Places made me cry. I don't cry(well very few books make me shed my precious tears). It's a really tough book to read. I knew where it was going from the start but even when it finally got there, I wasn't prepared. It was awful and I was ragey. But I believe Niven sheds a spotlight on mental illness and how much we overlook it, or just ignore it. 

I am on a roll this year with the poignant, heart wrenching YA contemporaries. The Last Time We Say Goodbye hits its readers right where it counts. I think Hand did a superb job of realistically portraying Lex's struggles with her brothers suicide. As well as the effects of Tyler's(Lex's brothers) depression and possibly misdiagnosed mental illness. Like All the Bright Places it's another book that does it's job shedding light on mental illness and does it in a way where we learn along with Lex. Here's my review.

No secret that Young is one of my favourite NA authors. She knows how to produce the brain candy with fantastic banter and sexual tension. And Hero is easily my favourite of her books to date. Not my favourite of her couples, because let's face it, no one can beat Liv and Nate. But the book as a whole is the best. Hero starts as one of those hate to love relationships. And just gets super fun as you read on. Here's my review.

Bad Romeo was such a lovely surprise. If you're like me and like some intense sexual tension, well look no further. Also it was refreshing to actually have a female be secure in her sexuality. I was just drawn into the story from page one. Cassie and Ethan have some the best banter filled conversations. But they also have an epic love story. Even though it really isn't the healthiest at times. It's one I was cheering for. Broken Juliet brings their story to even more feels. PERFECTION! Bad Romeo review.

Are you surprised? If you are than you must be new around here. Of course my drug of choice made her way on her. In fact I had to make myself only pick my absolute favourite. For me, Wicked is everything I need and want in a book. It's a paranormal NA. Written by JLA. So I get the sexy swoon, LOLZ, banter, action, superb characters(TINK!), just absolutely everything I want in life. 

You want to know what a Brittany book looks like? Well this is it. We all know I love my romance. But I also am super nerdy and into space and astronomy. The Martian is like Apollo 13 on drugs. If I got stranded on Mars I'd die. No doubt. But Mark is pure awesome. He's intelligent(obviously he is an astronaut) and resourceful. Plus he's got one of the best personalities and sense of humour. I thought I might be lost, because this book is extremely scientific, but I was far from it. Weir does a perfect job of not dumbing down anything well helping you understand everything going on. I was fully engrossed and engaged. One sitting read. Now I cannot wait for the movie! That cast! WOW!

What have been some of your favourite reads so far this year?

Happy reading!



  1. Wow! You had a good first quarter! The Martian keeps tempting me but I haven't picked it up yet. I worked in the space industry for years and my husband still does so I think I'd recognize a lot of the speak but I'm not a big scifi reader. You're the One that I Want and Hero are both on my TBR and the Lunar Chronicles are calling me!

  2. I am reading The Start of You and Me right now. I LOVED All the Bright Places!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  3. Oh... so many books I am desperate to read or have read and LOVED myself. I really want to cave and buy myself Bad Romeo, I really want to read that one. I have both The Start of Me and You and Open Road Summer and haven't read either yet... I REALLY NEED TO! Especially since I had been desperate to read Open Road Summer for months before it had even released.