Tuesday, 11 October 2016

2016 Favourites Part 3

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These posts always seem to fall on some kind of holiday. Well, I'm writing this on Thanksgiving, so that totally counts. So, Happy Thanksgiving to me fellow Canadians. I know these past few months, even year really, has been pretty sparse around here. Me and 2016 have not been the best of friends and unfortunately that's affecting my blog. Something 2016 and its terribleness has not been affecting? My reading. So there's that. Following on with this years trend, romance has been my main squeeze.  And I don't see that changing anytime soon. I've also continued to be surprised by the number of good books, even amazing books, I'm picking up. Very few duds. I'm still doing a bunch of rereading because obviously; rereading is possibly my favourite thing to do.

July 1st to September 30th stats:
Read: 45
Reread: 5
Most Read Genre: Romance/NA
Total Pages: 15,028
Total Books Read So Far This Year: 170
Total Pages Read So Far This Year: 57,798

These books are intense! Political scandals in a rich, exclusive high school in D.C. Need I say more? This series is amazing!

JLA can do wrong, and Torn fully proves that. Ivy is kick ass. Ren is sweeter than ever. And Tink; I mean "his secret" and him getting a cat are perhaps two of my most favourite scenes JLA has ever written.

This book is super relevant for this election year. But beyond that, one of the most solid debuts that has a strong family focus.

The ending I put off for far too long. And of course, it was stellar. This trilogy is all sorts of smart, shocking and fun. A definite space opera that I live for.

Yes, I love this book. But the best part and why I loved it even more? Karole keeps it real about the consequences of bullying. And erasing the stigma surrounding people in wheelchairs. Pax is a fully capable rugby playing guy, who has insecurities but won't let his wheelchair define him. 

Romance lovers this is a must read. Talk about life imitating art. Smut is fun, hilarious, sexy, adorable and mostly, totally meta. You don't have to be a romance writer to appreciate this book for what it is; perfectly awesome.

I inhale read this like I couldn't breathe until I reached the last page. Funny, real and loveable. I adore this book. It will be a top favourite of 2016. Mark me. 

Adorable. Perfect. Sweet. Exactly why I love Kasie West.

Loved Pippa and Jensen. Loved how much Hanna and Will are in it. Loved all the epilogues. Sad that the series is over but a satisfyingly perfect ending nonetheless.

Sherlock meets The Madman's Daughter in a super creepy Victorian London. With a total feminist MC that is down to kill stereotypes. Plus, that ship is everything.

Have you guys read and loved any of these?

Happy reading!