Tuesday, 10 October 2017

2017 Favourites Part 3

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Oh hey. I'm still kinda hanging around here. Think about my blog sometimes. Like when I realize we're 10 days into October and I'm late doing this post. I leave for vacation early tomorrow morning, so this is going to be a rush job. But I want to get it done and out.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to me fellow Canadians! If you're anything like my house, there are now two weeks worth of turkey leftovers.
The 2017 trend continues; my reading is going alright. I've yet to discover that stand out read for my reading year. I've read a lot of blahs. Done a lot of rereads. And read some pretty good books. But in all honesty, I had to refresh myself on the past three months because nothing stood out. Which means this list doesn't even have ten books on it. What even. The rest of the year better give me some spectacular books!

July 1st-September 30th stats:
Read: 35
Reread: 9/35
DNFs: 1
Total Read So Far: 129
Most Read Genre: Romance
Total Pages Read(of finished books): 44,386

A super gay tour of Europe. Some of my favourite cinnamon roll characters of 2017.

A really solid ending to what I believe is an underrated trilogy. Historical Scotland + fae + broody princes + banter = a good time.

Gothic Europe at its best. Flirty banter(400 pages of sexual tension). Mystery. These books are bloody fantastic.

Zuzana's and Mik's first date with spectacular illustrations. This book is everything.

Emma Mills adds another adorable read to her repertoire. Clueless Claudia makes me a little frustrated. But in a good way. Family, friends, a little romance and perfect dialogue.

Cute! June is super pretentious(above high school). But that's what made her growth and realizations so spot on.

One of Young's best books to date. Broody Scotish men, self-growth, sexy moments and a bunch of emotions.

A very different CoHo book. This family needs a fuck ton of therapy.

Keep this one on your radar for early 2018. A dark and twisty Little Mermaid retelling. A bloody good time.

What's been your most favourite recent read?

Happy reading!