Friday, 2 January 2015

Top 14 of 2014: Reads

I struggled so hard to make cuts to this list. I read 242 books in 2014, how am I supposed to pick just 14 to showcase as my favourite? That's like the most impossible task ever. My top 7 were 100% secure, for sure's. But those bottom 7, there was a lot of hard decisions to be made. I had to cut it down. I said I was doing 14(ish(you'll see)). This was also the year I read my first Jennifer Armentrout book. I than proceeded to read all the JLA books. So you know it was also really hard not to have 8 JLA books on here. You'll still see that 3 ladies really had my heart in 2014. One being the absolute queen. Anyhow, here is my top 14 of 2014, the best books I read in 2014.

14. Sacrifice
What can I say? Finally I got to be inside Michael's head. For 4 books I saw him as this solid rock for his brothers. There was not many emotions coming from this guy. But I now I know just how much he was holding in. This broke my heart multiple times. How many times can life shit on Michael? But of course I loved it. Kemmerer's writing is so snappy. The action was ridiculous. There is a reason this is one of my favourite favourite series. I am going to miss the Merrick brothers so much. At least the ending gave me hope that we might see them again in the future. 

13. Nash
I absolutely adore this series. Jet is still my main guy. But there is something special about Nash and Saints story. It just stands out a little more than the others. Nash is dark, broody and hot. But such a good guy. Saint is such a sweet, caring and encouraging lady. That even when Nash's world gets rocked and he doesn't remember how he hurt her in their school days, Saint's still there for him. She gets him through his changing life and he helps her through her insecurities. It's quite uplifting and sweet to see. I loves them.  

12. One Plus One
Moyes books always pack an emotional punch. One Plus One is no different except that this one is a little more uplifting. Plus it has got a road trip with some very real characters. This women can only write gold. 

11. Ugly Love
Ugly Love felt more mature than Hoover's previous novels. Maybe that's because there's a lot more sex scenes. But that fits with Tate's and Mile's relationship and the story of the book. Maybe it's because Hoover's writing has more prose to it. Either way Hoover still knows how to shatter my heart. My feelings weren't as messed up as Maybe Someday left me but they were still all over the place. The friends with benefits relationships always seem to make me swoon and weep a little more than others. On a side note, I've also now realize how hot pilots are and am going to start hanging out at the airport. ;)

10. The Shadow Throne
Epic ending to an epic trilogy. Sage is honestly one of my favourite characters. He's so sassy, cunning, hilarious and intelligent. I really hope we get to see more from him in the future.

9. Dorothy Must Die
This was easily one of my most anticipated releases from the year. When I heard the premise I knew I would be reading DMD on release day. Thank God it lived up to my expectations. It's so dark and bleak and creepy. Dorothy is an evil tyrant bitch. I love it. I love how different this Oz is from the original and Disney version. Amy is the perfect character to bring in to stop Dorothy. She's normal and that works so well. I can't wait to see where the next book takes me.

8. Wait For You
Cam and Avery are that couple. They're so bloody cute. Of course it's JLA, so this book is crack. But it's adorable and heart breaking crack. The sexual tension with the swooniness of Cam might have had me needing a cold shower. I've re-read my favourite parts multiple times this past year. I can't get enough.

7. Cress
Third book, third year in my favourites list. Really that's not surprising. Marissa Meyer is the queen of re-tellings. And obviously Cress did not disappoint. Possibly the strongest of the 3 books. Cress is such an intriguing character. Her naivety, sheltered life and tech savvyness makes for an interesting and lovable character. Plus Cress had the added bonus of a lot more Thorne. He's exactly my type of captain.

6. Open Road Summer
Open Road Summer is probably my favourite YA contemporary. Right there with Fangirl. It's adorable and fun. The chemistry between Reagan and Matt Finch is enchanting. One of my biggest ships of the year. Did I mention Matt Finch? Can I haz a Matt Finch? I need a Matt Finch. Not only is the romance fantastic, but the relationship between Reagan and Dee is easily one of the strongest female friendships I've read. OPS will easily be a summer reading staple for me. 

5. Saga
Yes, I jumped on this train and I'm never getting off. I'm including all 4 volumes(that are released) here because I can't pick a favourite. They're all pure sci-fi perfection. The dialogue is on point. The banter and laugh out loud moments. The characters, all these different alien species are exactly that, different and unique. There aren't words. Saga is why I love sci-fi.

4. White Hot Kiss/Stone Cold Touch
I couldn't separate these two books. It is what is. These books are my crack. My favourite JLA books/series.  It's a sexy action packed book with snarky and hot characters. And it's gargoyles. There's like no paranormal series out there about gargoyles. It's super interesting and addictive. There's also Roth. The snarky shit that comes out of his mouth is gold. And talk about swoon. Good God. #TeamRoth

3. Maybe Someday
Not only is this now one of my favourite books, but it was also such a unique reading experience. There's a sound track that you listen to along with the book. The two MC's write the songs and than you hear them. Made it a little more emotional too. I found Maybe Someday a little more profound than Hoover's other books. She explores the dynamics of relationships and love in a really thought provoking way. I love everything about this book. It's beautiful. 

2. Heir of Fire
My most anticipated release of 2014 sure as hell did not disappoint. HoF was a heavy book. I took my time when reading so I could absorb and understand all the history and story lines. I wanted to make sure I had everything straight. I still got my favourite characters, but Maas also introduced a few new characters that are effing awesome. The epicness of Heir of Fire is a true mark of how strong and brilliant a writer Maas is. There has yet to be a stale moment in any of the books. I'm honestly surprised and awed at every turn of the page. And because Maas is clearly a master destroyer of feelings. She so nicely throws a whole bunch of swords into your heart and ends the book.

1. A Court of Thorns and Roses
All hail the reining champ. Top spot goes to Maas for a second year in a row. *tips hat*
Heir of Fire was my favourite of the year until I read my bae a few weeks ago. Than Maas so very easily kicked herself out of top spot. This book is pretty much everything I want in a book. Who know I could love a fae story sososo much? This subtle re-telling of Beauty and the Beast takes place in such a unique and intricate world. The romance *fans self* is HOT! I can't even begin to tell you how much I ship these two. Just pre-order the book. It'll be the best decision you ever make.

Like last year, I want to give some honorable mentions. These guys deserve to be in the 14 as well, but you know, I had to make cuts. Don't Look BackNoughts & CrossesCrash Into YouIgnite MeRuin and RisingForbidden and The Madman's Daughter.

What was your favourite book of 2014?

Happy reading!



  1. 242 books?! You're a reading machine! Open Road Summer, Maybe Someday, Heir of Fire & A Court of Thorns and Roses made it into my top 14 too! OBVIOUSLY A Court of Thorns and Roses HAD to be number 1 - IT WAS JUST SO AMAAAAAAZING! Nash is my favourite of the Marked Men! Always has been. His story was brilliant! Yay for Wait for You! Cam and Avery are adorable <333333

  2. I am reading a Jojo Moyes right now, I am struggling a bit with the English English lol, but it is good so far!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  3. I so want to read JoJo Moyes and Colleen Hoover. The Throne of Glass series is quickly nudging it's way onto my TBR even though it's not really something that would usually appeal to me!