Friday, 1 July 2016

2016 Favourites Part 2

Check out Part 1.

Most importantly, Happy Canada Day! Welcome to my second quarter reading wrap-up and most favourite reads. It has been an interesting quarter. I've been reading, but my blogging and general mood have not been great. That's beside the point. I'd like the dub this the quarter of series finales. It very rarely happens that the last book in a series ends up being a favourite, and that still remains true as only one finale will be listed below. Otherwise, I've kept consistent in my need to devour a bunch of rereads and NA/romance books. #shocking #saysnooneever

April 1st to June 30th reading stats:
Read: 60
Reread: 15
Most read genre: New Adult/Romance
Total pages: 21 947
Total books so far this year: 125
Total pages so far this year: 42 770

I'm still having pretty good luck with the books I'm reading. A lot of 4, 4.5 and 5 stars being given. I will admit that there hasn't been a lot of standouts. But the BIG ONE, the one I'm still not over, still obsessing over will more than likely be my most favourite read of this year. If something can top it I don't even know what will happen to my body. #dramaqueen

I wasn't ever expecting anymore Jake and Chelsea. But the book God's rained down and brought me just a little more of their super adorable relationship and family. LOL's were had.

My eyes, they leaked. This book is both so beautiful and so sad. But mostly, it's a very important story to be told. 

GAME CHANGING MASTERPIECE. My new favourite book of ever. OTP I never knew I needed but now they are my air. 

Glorious. Khalid and Shazi are wonderful and romantic and amazing complex characters. The writing is beautiful. The story is intriguing. I JUST LOVE THIS DUOLOGY WITH ALL MY HEART.

Utterly readable and compelling. Emotional. In fact, I haven't stopped thinking about this story. I've come to appreciate it more and more as time passes. 

The Way Back to You is just a great adventure about two lost friends healing their hearts together and accepting grief as part of their day to day lives. 

10 books. 6 phenomenal characters. 3 complex and wonderful loving couples. And this is it. SKoP is beyond satisfying and the most beautiful wrap-up to one of my ultimate favourite series.

My favourite AC book. All the laughs and sexiness, of course. But also Natalie is spunky and loves cheese. Even better, Oscar is a gorgeous broody owner of a creamery. Take note here: HOT AS HELL FARMER.

Fucking insane. Intense. An amazing and dare I say even better follow-up to Illuminae. 

Guys read this series. The story lines the JLB has weaved together and brought to light in this book is jaw-droppingly brilliant. 

What's your favourite book of 2016 so far?

Happy reading!



  1. So pretty much all of these are on my TBR (or atleast first book in the series because of course I'm WAY behind). These all look really good. I need to read Emma Chase and Colleen Hoover. It's heading into ridiculous that I haven't yet! Oh and Alice Clayton. Her books always sound like so much fun.

  2. I've only read one from your picks - One True Loves - and I loved it, too. I'll be reading everything by TJR at some point... just trying to focus on all my backlist stuff right now. August cannot come soon enough for the CoHo. Must ready my emotions. And SKoP... *sigh* I'll be picking up LWD soon so that won't be long after.