Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Top 5 Wednesday: Book Series I Wish Had More Books

Top 5 Wednesday is a meme started by Lainey at Ginger Reads Lainey. Find the list of all the #T5WFamily here.

This weeks topic is: Book series I wish had more books.

How am I supposed to narrow this down to five? All of my favourite series could carry on longer and I'd be on top of the world. And sometimes that does happen. Look at Maria V Snyder's Study Series; ended years ago. Or readers thought it did. The fourth book was released earlier this year and there's still two more to come. So turns out readers can wish and keep their hopes up because it can happen. The five books I'm mentioning this week are books where the endings were good but left just open enough that there's that possibility that the series will continue. So these are more on the realistic side of my wishing.

5. Shatter Me

I hated the first half of this series. For quite a few reasons. But Ignite Me was wonderful. And I feel like that's where the story was really hitting it's stride. Juliette was finally strong and coming into her own personality. So although the ending was satisfying, I felt like everything was finally starting. And I would love to see the story continue.

4. Fire & Flood
Here's the thing. Scott's publisher only bought a two book deal with Fire & Flood. So going into Salt & Storm I was expecting an ending. Sure there was one, but not a good enough of one. Pretty much everything was still left up in the air. Scott has said she has a third book planned, but it will depend on if her publisher picks it up. Like why would you do that? I understand she's planned it out and it doesn't fit into two books. But that's all you had; two books to tell the story. There wasn't and still isn't a guarantee of that third book. And I NEED that third book.

3. The Body Finder
The Body Finder series is so underrated. It's a unique and creepy YA thriller series. With a really good romance. A fifth book would be really appreciated from me. The fourth book brought up some answers that lead to more questions. Questions that should be answered because I say so.

2. The Ascendance Trilogy
I would absolutely loved to see this world and characters revisited as an adult fantasy series. The things that certain characters could conquer and achieve in the future on the kingdom. I'm trying not to say anything because of spoilers but pretty much I just want to see the story continue ten years after the ending of the trilogy.

1. Elemental Series

Oh man. It's no secret that this is one of my absolute favourite series. And that ending was a killer. Sooo much more needs to happen and be explored. What's encouraging is that Kemmerer has said she intends to revisit The Merrick Brothers down the road. I stalk her everywhere and she has asked readers to weigh in what time period they would want to see a potential next book in. ie: YA, NA, etc... I of course want it to be NA. These books are hot but just imagine them as NA. *fans self*

What series would you love to continue?

Happy reading!



  1. Great topic and now you have me wanting to check out The Body Finder. I'm not sure if there are any series I wish had more books as I've yet to really finish many series! There was a Charlaine Harris series involving a woman who got struck by lightening and could now find dead bodies that seemed to kind of just end and I'm still kind of in mourning that Jill Shalvis's Lucky Harbor series came to an end but all the other ones that I really love are still going and even if they weren't I'm several books behind in all of them!

  2. YES I COMPLETELY AGREE ABOUT THE ASCENDANCE TRILOGY! I haven't read The Shadow Throne yet, but the first two were so surprisingly good!! Like it's not super hard to surprise me, but I actually didn't even see the twists coming!

  3. Great topic. Number one would be Harry Potter for me, I'd happily have that series go on FOREVER! Although I want a Marauder's prequel. Leading all the way up to when Voldemort kills Harry's parents. That would be AMAZING!!! I remember reading and really enjoying The Body Finder, so I eventually bought the first 3 books, but still need to finish the series.

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