Saturday, 4 July 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up June 27th-July 3rd

I managed to finish four books this week. Bit slow as shit happened. Plus I started a few books that I didn't get into. Anyhow, all romance again. Three physical. One e-book. And one re-read.

For the Win(Gaming the System #4) by Brenna Aubrey ***.5
If you'll remember, I just binged the first three books in this series. This forth installment follows Jordan, Adam's best friend and CFO. Jordan is a rich playboy in the previous books, so I was interested to see him find his love. Like with the other three books, I was totally immersed and addicted to Jordan and April's story. But I didn't love it nearly as much. Jordan is a pretty big asshole to April. He's totally taking advantage of her being his intern. I know he wants her to speak up for herself as April was quite meek.  But going about it in the chauvinistic asshole way he did was not sexy. Which lead me to not really believe in their love. I didn't get the whole falling in love and needing each other vibes that I wanted to.  It didn't feel real. I did really like how Aubrey brought up and showcased how women are still looked upon in the work place. It was quite infuriating watching Jordan treat April so poorly and his other assistants just letting it slide saying he's under stress. Which, no. But Aubrey also showed the other side where a few female interns were very inappropriate in a lot of ways. Like how they rated Adam's daily wardrobe on hotness. That's the tip of the iceberg. Enjoyed this one. Solid writing. Really looking forward to William's book.

Scorched(Frigid #2) by Jennifer L Armentrout ****.5
Scorched has everything I love in a JLA book; humour, romance and swoon. But it also delves into something a lot more serious than I've seen in her work before. Mental illness is a tough subject to pull off where it's emotional and realistic for the reader well taking in it's serious subject matter. It's encouraging to see one of my favourite authors, who predominantly writes light and fun romance tackle it in a believable way. And in a way where the girl isn't saved by the love of a boy. Andrea gets the help she needs herself. Andrea saves herself. Tanner is a great support system for her, but he knows that it has to be Andrea that helps herself. No one else can. Back to JLA and how I think that Scorched shows that even after all she's published, she's still able to continue to grow as a writer by showing her range. 

On Dublin Street(On Dublin Street #1) by Samantha Young ****(re-read)
Needed to re-read it. It's one of my faves. And I loves it. Review here.

Arrest(Disarm #7) by June Gray ***.5
After devouring Disarm last week, I had to get my hands on Arrest right away. I was eager to get the continuation of Elsie and Henry's story. Them being newlyweds seemed to bring a lot into their first year of marriage. A little too much drama in my opinion. I still really enjoyed Arrest. I just thought it was a little to over the top and thus dragged out in parts. Gray threw a lot at this young couple. Henry still dealing with PTSD was the most realistic part. Unfortunately all their fighting and jealousy was getting on my nerves. It kind of made it clear that they probably shouldn't have gotten married so quickly after getting back together. I think if they'd built a stronger foundation first, a lot of the immature behaviour would have been avoided. But big love kind of over shadows that. I get it. I still quite enjoyed Henry and Elsie's love story.

What did you guys read this week?

Happy reading!


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  1. Poor baby only getting 4 books read! :) At least it looks like you got some good ones. Young and Armentrout are authors I've really been wanting to try and that gaming the system book just looks fun. Have a great week!