Saturday, 25 July 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up July 11th-24th

Note: Sorry it's been quiet the last few weeks. July has been zapping my energy just because of the upcoming unemployment and thus looking for a job. So I needed to step back from le blog. BUT August will be back in full swing since I'll have no excuse being unemployed and all. Lol.

Because Orphan Black took over my life last week I didn't really read much. Which lead to me not needing a weekly wrap-up. So this one encompasses the last two weeks. I read seven books during that time. One e-book(ARC) and six physical books. Two of them being re-reads.

Come Back to Me(Come Back to Me #1) by Mila Gray ****
Review to come in August.

This is One Moment(Come Back to Me #2) by Mila Gray ****.5
Review to come in August.

Nantucket Red(Nantucket #2) by Leila Howland *** it bad I read this book about two weeks ago and I'm hazy on the details? I do remember the MC's name, because it's fucking weird; Cricket. I thought Cricket matured a bit more in this sequel. She's still kind of slow on the whole growing up and moving on from high school thing. That didn't make any sense. Let's call her inexperienced. I also think her expectations of people are to high. Meaning she expects them all to know what she's really saying even when she doesn't say it. Like with the boy(I forget his name and don't care enough to find it), she doesn't want to do long distance, so she says let's pause right here until next summer. And when he calls her saying he can't do that anymore he needs her, she's like nah we can totally still keep this on pause. And then gets pissed when he moves on. Uh, your lost lady. Speak up! Anyhow, it's a cute summer duology. Nothing special. But quick beach reads.

Sweet Filthy Boy(Wild Seasons #1) by Christina Lauren ****(re-read)
Was feeling slumpy. Actually Orphan Black took over my life. So I felt picking up a favourite romance would rise me from my Orphan Black bubble. And Mia and Ansel definitely did the trick.

Dirty Rowdy Thing(Wild Seasons #2) by Christina Lauren ****(re-read)
You can't ever read just one Christina Lauren book. That's like saying I can eat one chip and close the bag. Yea no. No one can eat just one chip.

Every Last Breath(Dark Elements #3) by Jennifer L Armentrout *****
I literally can't say anything because this book isn't out yet. I got lucky and had my pre-order arrive a week early. So of course I devoured it right away, it's the finale to one of my favourite series'. But I've had to stay mum because anything I say will be a spoiler. For those that know me and what I wanted to happen in this book should probably not even look at my rating. Seriously I need Tuesday to be here so I can openly discuss!

Armada by Ernest Cline ****
I don't know what to say about Armada. I definitely feel a little let down. I may have put too much expectation on it being another Ready Player One. And that was never going to be. I don't know. I started the book the day it came out, two and a half weeks ago. It took me about that to get through it. I would read it and really enjoy it. But as soon as I put it down I didn't have the urge to pick it back up. Armada is still full of awesome sci-fi references. You don't get geekier than an Ernest Cline book. And some of the alien parts were fun. But mostly it was tedious, slow and a bit to preachy on the humanity aspect. I know with sci-fi you gotta overlook the wonky science(I'm a massive Star Trek fan, enough said) and suspend your believe, but I felt like there was too much grasping at straws with the whole conclusion of the alien confrontation. I did thoroughly enjoy Armada. I will read absolutely anything Cline publishes. I loves his true geeky nature. Which is why I'm finding it hard to give Armada lower than a 4*, when really it's probably pushing a 3.5*.

What did you guys read this week?

Happy reading!



  1. Tv shows do have a way of sucking away all our precious reading time, don't they?