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Review: Virgin by Radhika Sanghani

Virgin by Radhika Sanghani

Publication Date: August 5th, 2014
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Pages: 304
Source: Netgalley/Publisher
Rating: 3/5
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Okay, I admit it…I didn't do it.


This is normal, right? I mean, just because everyone I know has talked like they've already done it doesn't mean that they’re telling the truth…right?

It’s not like I’m asking for that much. I don’t need the perfect guy. I don’t need candlelight or roses. Honestly, I don’t even need a real bed.

The guys I know complain that girls are always looking for Mr. Right—do I have to wear a sign that says I’m only looking for Mr. Right Now?

Sooooo…anyone out there want sex? Anyone? Hello? Just for fun?

I am not going to die a virgin. One way or another I am going to make this happen.

Hey, what have I got to lose? Besides the obvious.

There was one reason why I decided to I needed to request Virgin, it sounded hilarious. And it didn't disappoint there. I found myself chuckling a lot well reading along. The main character gets herself into a lot of situations where you're left shaking your head in a "what the?" kind of motion. There was a lot of those moments.

Ellie is just about to finish uni and she should be excited but there's still one thing that's holding her back from wanting to go out into the real world; her virginity. How is she supposed to leave uni with it still in tact? Its not like she hasn't tried to get rid of it. It shouldn't be this hard. Everyone does it.

Ellie was very easy to relate to. She has a lot of thoughts and feelings that I would assume every women thinks at some point or another. It wasn't just about her virginity. She also is trying to come to terms with being comfortable in her own body. As a women we still expect ourselves to look a certain way. And Ellie is trying to figure out why that is. Like why do we act so weird with about body hair? Ellie does certain things she doesn't want to do, but feels like it's expected of her for a guy to enjoy her body. I make it sound like this book gets a little more deep than the synopsis and title suggest, and it really doesn't. It's pretty light, but just really easy to see where Ellie is coming from. I personally know what stupid shit I've done because I thought I should be doing it. All part of being a women.

Ellie's virginity is like another character in the book. There were certain times where I found the lengths Ellie goes to lose it funny. But there were a bunch of times where it's shown as a burden. Sure, I can understand why at twenty-one Ellie feels like she's way to old to still have it and will now die a virgin. But it's also not something that she should feel like she has to lie about with her friends. Who really cares? They're still going to be your friend whether you have sex or not.

What I also found enjoyable about Virgin is that it kind of reads like a memoir. You follow along as Ellie meets a boy and than tries to decipher his actions. And than when she thinks he's into her and they have a date planned she than "prepares" for the date in a few different ways. And it continues from there, like with the follow up date, etc... It was kind of cool. I like that way of reading. Yes, it's a fiction book but it also feels like this could have been what happened to the author because it's very real just with a little dramatization.

Overall, I found Virgin humorous and easy to relate to. Nothing was really sugar coated. This is how people feel. This is what happens in the dating world. Not everything is a happily ever after in the real world. Just because you lose your virginity to a guy does not mean he's your future husband. I like how Sanghani showed the ups and downs of being a young adult trying to figure out how to be comfortable in their own skin. Although I enjoyed and speed through the book, there was nothing mind blowing about the story. And unfortunately it is easily forgettable. But I'll definitely be on the look out for future novels by Sanghani. I can always use a laugh.

Happy reading!


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