Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Books I've Read This Year

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme held by The Broke and the Bookish.

This weeks topic is: 

Top Ten Books I've Read So Far This Year!

I did a post at the beginning of April to talk about my favourite books read in the first quarter of the year. So you can definitely check that out. But seeing as we're now into June I've read a whole lot more and have some more favourites to add to the list. Anyhow, these are the top books I've read so far this year(one I literally just finished). My second quarter favourite books post will still go up at the beginning of July.

10. Noughts & Crosses

9. Dorothy Must Die

8. Ignite Me

7. Crash Into You

6. Ruin and Rising

5. Saga Volumes 1, 2 & 3

4. Wait For You

3. Cress

2. White Hot Kiss

1. Maybe Someday

I think it's interesting how many contemps made my list. I've always read and love contemps but they've never been my main reads. I guess it just goes to show how moods and age changes your reading habits.
Let me know some of your favourite reads so far this year. Or link up your TTT if you have one.

Happy reading!



  1. I haven't read Maybe Someday but I LOOOVE Colleen Hoover!
    Great list! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Aaaaah I cannot wait to start Blackman and Bardugo. I actually have signed Blackman's book from London so I have to start it soon :D

    Happy reading!

  3. Oh, excellent list! Shadow and Bone is on My TTT, but there are lots here I haven't read yet - can't wait now!

  4. Great list! Maybe Someday made mine too, absolutely loved that book and thought the soundtrack added so much to the reading experience. I absolutely love Noughts & Crosses, one of my favourite series <3 Quite a few of those series are on my TBR list and I am happy to see they made your list. Thanks for stopping by my TTT earlier :)

  5. I really need to read Naughts and Crosses! And I cannot wait to get my hands on Ruin and Rising!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  6. I'm so damn happy that Noughts & Crosses is on your list! :D I'm soooooooooo glad that you loved it!
    I need Ruin & Rising like RIGHT NOWWWWW! Ignite Me, Cress, Wait for You, Maybe Someday & White Hot Kiss are some of my favourites too! :D

  7. Dorothy Must Die sounds quite intriguing! Glad you loved it!
    My TTT