Wednesday, 19 February 2014

TAG: Bookish Academy Awards

I've been seeing this TAG over on  booktube the past few days and thought it looked pretty fun.
The TAG was created by Kayla over at BOOKadooodles. You should definitely check her out.
Pretty much she's was just getting in the spirit of the Oscars(which are coming up soon) with the below 15 categories.
All my winners are books or from books I read in 2013.

And the winners are:

Best Actor(Best Male Protagonist): Froi

Best Actress(Best Female Protagonist): Celaena Sardothien 

Best Cinematography(Best Plot Twist): These Broken Stars

Best Costume Design(Best Book Cover: Fangirl

Best Supporting Actor(Best Male Sidekick): Strumhond

Best Supporting Actress(Best Female Sidekick): Suz

Best Original Screenplay(Most Unique World or Plot): Crewel- for its world

Best Adapted Screenplay(Best Book-to-Movie Adaptation): Catching Fire

Best Animated Feature(Book that Would Work Well in Animated Form): Kingdom Keepers

Best Director(Writer You Discovered): Brigid Kemmerer & Jessica Sorensen

Best Visual Effects(Best Action in a Book): The House of Hades

Best Musical Score(Music in Book-to-Movie Adaptation): The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Best Short Film(Best Novella or Short Book): No Place Like Oz

Best Picture(Best Stand-Alone): Me Before You

Best Documentary(Best Historical or Non-Fiction): Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography

Congrats to the winners. Awards are in the mail. :)

I'm going to tag a few people too.
Samantha @ The Secret Life of A Bookworm
Jen @ EbonyInkReviews
Ula @ Blog of Erised

Happy reading!



  1. Oooooh interesting tag! Thanks! :) I may actually do this, but I'll have a hard time picking winners... :D
    I am looking forward to reading Grisha trilogy and starting These Broken Stars once and for all.
    Great picks!
    Happy reading!

    1. I look forward to your answers!
      And yes, it was hard picking. Especially certain categories.
      Thanks Ula! :)

  2. This is such a fun idea for a post. :)

    1. Thanks Amanda! You should definitely do it too! :)

  3. Thanks for tagging me! I'll be sure to get to this sometime next week. :)

  4. Oooh! This looks like so much fun! I think I'm definitely going to do this in a video.
    Catching Fire just gets all of the awards. Best movie adaptation EVER. Yay for Celeana! She's the most awesome character ever.
    THAT TWIST in These Broken Stars was just amazing and awful! House of Hades would definitely have the best action. It'd be amazing.

    1. YAY! I hope you do! I beat you could come up with some awesome winners too.
      I know! There was no competition for Catching Fire. As much as I love The Hobbit. It's just Catching Fire is brilliant!
      Obs I agree. I want to be Celaena. First off Chaol. Second she's kick ass. And thirdly Chaol.
      These Broken Stars was a WTF? Why you gotta mess with me book?!