Friday, 14 February 2014

My Book Boyfriends

In honour of Valentine's Day, I thought I would share my top book boyfriends. I seem to have a very wide taste in my fictional men. But God, they are all so hot!
Now since I'm putting this list on my blog it obviously means that all these boys are mine. This post solidifies my claim on them. They are mine! Forever!
Anyhow, I'm a very fickle person and(new) hot fictional men are always catching my attention. So these are the ones that have my heart right now.

10. Strumhond from Siege and Storm: Sense of humour is always one those top traits I want. And well add sarcastic, prince and pirate in there and that's why he makes my list.
9. Tucker from the Unearthly Trilogy: Hot rugged cowboy with a massive heart. *swoons*
8. Owen from Just Listen: Looks can be deceiving. Hard exterior. But underneath it all he's a very caring, philosophical music addict.
7. Ash from the Iron Fey Series: The ice prince. Except my heart melts for him(ha ha). He might be a little emo. But really he's just has a very unloving family. So all he needed was a little love.
6. Jem from The Infernal Devices: I know, it's not Will. And trust me I love Will. But Jem is just more what my heart wants. He puts up with Will. But he's also sweet, musical, loyal, heroic and beautiful.

5. Isaiah from Crash Into You: I'll admit that Isaiah didn't really catch my eyes throughout the first two books. But holy crap! What a surprise he was. This foster kid, bad boy who is a total sweetheart. He just wants to make his own way. Which means he cares. Asdfghjkl!
4. Gabriel from the Elemental Series: Alright, he might be a little bit of a jackass. Or has a strong personality, easy to anger. But really he just blames himself for his parents death. He has a lot of self doubt. And that can make him emotional. So of course I just can't help but want to comfort him. And c'mon! He can control fire. He's literally a hot firefighter!
3. Jamie from the Outlander Series: Now you want a man? Jamie is a man! In all his Scottish ruggedness. One of my first book boyfriends, and there's a reason he's still sticking around.
2. Chaol from the Throne of Glass Series: Captain of the guard. There's always something about those guys. Tasked with protecting and leading their city. Always have the highest respect given to them. Chaol is that dark handsome kind with the big heart.
1. Ron from Harry Potter: I love me a ginger. The ultimate loyal sidekick. His personality is right in line with mine. A little lazy and sarcastic. With a strong family values. I don't think Ron could ever lose his spot at the top of my heart.

Happy Valentine's Day!



  1. I'd totally take Gabriel from Elemental Series but I honestly won't even care if it's him or his twin brother. Both of them would be awesome *wink* Awesome post!

    1. Haha! Well just wait till you read the rest of the series. :)
      Nick is a sweetheart. But I seem to like the jackass's like Gabriel. Lol.