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Review: Too Fast by Alexia Haynes

Too Fast by Alexia Haynes
Publication Date: July 18th, 2013
Publisher: Self published
Pages: 145
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 1/5
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Twenty-year-old Savannah enjoys a one-time one-night stand because a real relationship would never fit into her busy schedule. Working two jobs and pursuing her degree takes all of her time. Besides, the guys she has dated haven't been much better than the random barfly. 
It's a good thing Luke's body is honed by the long hours of carpentry and construction because he carries the weight of his family on his shoulders. School hasn't been an option for him since he dropped out to make house payments his mother failed to make. 
Luke finds what he's been longing for in a night with Savannah. She's determined to stop with a one-night stand, but he wants more. Neither can deny the perfection of their passionate interludes, but with such imperfect lives, do they have any chance for a future together? Suddenly she's losing her heart and it's happening much too fast. 

Oh here I go again getting fooled into thinking I'm going to be reading a great NA book. Wrong. So wrong. And it's really starting to piss me off. I don't know who categorizes a book into a certain genre but this relatively new NA genre is really screwing with the system. But in the case with Too Fast I think it's pretty obvious it doesn't belong there. I'd barely call it a romance novel. It's erotica plain and simple. Haynes that what you wrote, so what? There's people out there that like that genre and I'm sure you'd appeal to those readers. Just not my thing. And that's my problem with the whole genre categorizing. I want to request and review books from Netgalley based out of genres I read and like which would hopefully lead to me requesting and reviewing books I'm going to like. So now I'm left with the hard part of reviewing a book I didn't like at all because of that "categorization."

Anyhow, I have nothing positive to say. Too Fast has no story to it. It's sex scenes with a few non sex scenes thrown in there just to get to the sex scenes.
So the two main characters are supposed to have these troubled back stories/current lives but really because the dialogue is so weak(which I'll come to next) I have no feelings for these characters besides how god awful they were. And don't worry, you're sad that your moms clinically crazy, sex will solve that! :/

The characters have no personality. Totally one dimensional. Well besides the labels they are given. One roommate is a slut (slut-shamming, cool beans...), which is pointed out multiple times. And the other roommate is a boring prude because she's studying to become a teacher, wears cardigans and goes to church.
Savannah is another Bella Swan. And actually the only detail you get about either her or Luke is about their rockin' bodies. Apparently we are also supposed to feel sorry for Luke because his mom is crazy so he's had to raise his younger sister and pay all the bills. Well I'd say he's not a very good role model for her (proof near the end of the book when she drinks herself into oblivion). Apparently he use to be quite the drinker. But that doesn't even come close to the fact that he's pretty much screwing Savannah well his little sister sleeps in the same room. Brother of the year award right there!

And the writing, I'd say it's simple, but I've read books with simple writing and still enjoyed them. This writing and dialogue is just weak. It feels like a 13 year old wrote it and asked their 16 year old brother to help them out with all the sex scenes. It's terrible.
And any dialogue between characters is either super cheesy or rude and only about sex. Than they'll laugh and give each other faces about how much Savannah is "enjoying" Luke. Blah.

Oh hey, just thought of something positive. For a self-published book I actually didn't come across any spelling or grammar errors. They may be there, but I didn't catch them and my eyes are usually drawn right to any error. So there's that...

Obviously this book and I didn't see eye to eye. But going in if you know what you're really getting, than it might be an enjoyable read.

Happy reading!


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