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Review: The Bitter Kingdom (Fire and Thorns #3) by Rae Carson

The Bitter Kingdom(Fire and Thorns #3) by Rae Carson

Publication Date:
August 27th, 2013
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Pages: 448
Series: Fire and Thorns
Source: Library
Rating: 4/5
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The epic conclusion to Rae Carson's Fire and Thorns trilogy. The seventeen-year-old sorcerer-queen will travel into the unknown realm of the enemy to win back her true love, save her country and uncover the final secrets of her destiny.

Elisa is a fugitive in her own country. Her enemies have stolen the man she loves in order to lure her to the gate of darkness. As she and her daring companions take one last quest into unknown enemy territory to save Hector, Elisa will face hardships she's never imagined. And she will discover secrets about herself and her world that could change the course of history. She must rise up as champion-a champion to those who have hated her most.

Well that's it. After a extremely slow start with the first book, in the end I really did enjoy this trilogy. They weren't the high fantasy books I thought they would be but they were a good, different story.

Elisa did grew a lot throughout the books. She does face a lot of turmoil from every side; people she should trust, enemies, her destiny with the Godstone and even weather. She became the leader her kingdom needs. And more importantly she's a pretty strong heroine. Not one of my personal favourite fantasy heroines, but she could hold her own.

The romance was super cute. It was never pushed upon you. You definitely knew that Elisa's journey was the main focus. And part of that journey is Hector. They fought for each other. They fought enemies to get to each other. Everybody was rooting for them. I'd love me some Hector too.

The Bitter Kingdom brings everything to a neat conclusion. Elisa fights for her destiny. She learns how powerful she is. We discover more about the ancient magic that as God's chosen one she can wield.  This last book left me feeling satisfied. And I also felt it was the strongest of the three books.

I would recommend this trilogy for newbies to fantasy or someone who doesn't tend to read the genre, that might just want something different. The world building isn't as in depth. But the characters and interesting weaving of Spanish lore into the story offer an enjoyable read.
I'll be interested to see what Carson comes out with next. I enjoyed her writing, so I'll definitely look into any future books she releases.

Anyone else finished the Fire and Thorns trilogy? Thoughts?

Happy reading!


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