Saturday, 6 February 2016

Weekly Wrap-Up January 30th-February 5th

Oh hey, the lazy blogger here. I'm having this thing where I'm having no problem reading, but I can't bring myself to write reviews. I'm pretty sure it's laziness.
I did manage to read seven books this week. One e-book novella. Six physical books; one being a graphic novel and two re-reads.

Bad Romeo(Starcrossed #1) by Leisa Rayven *****(re-read)
The short film was being filmed this past week and it made me NEED to revisit this amazing duology.

Broken Juliet(Starcrossed #2) by Leisa Rayven *****(re-read)

A Very Bad Romeo Christmas(Starcrossed #2.5) by Leisa Rayven *****
A super fun novella taking place after Broken Juliet. Loves it!

The Naturals(The Naturals #1) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes ****
Samantha got me this for Christmas, and I can honestly say that if she hadn't I probably would have never picked it up. Which sucks, but thanks Sam. This is totally a YA version of Criminal Minds; which I love. There was a super cool paranormal like element to the story that made it fun. I am totally into getting into the psyche of a killer. It's interesting. And The Naturals does a good job exploring the complexities that drive someone to murder. The love triangle was a little off putting only because it was cliched. BUT I will say that it didn't take over the story, and the characters didn't let it drive them. They were like whatever, we have work to do. No time for this right now. You don't get that much in YA. Will definitely be picking up the sequel soonish.

Stars Above(Lunar Chronicles novella bind-up) by Marissa Meyer *****
You guys should be proud of me for not skipping to the end and reading The Wedding first. Doesn't mean I wasn't antsy the whole time. The Wedding made my little heart so happy. This whole book just made me happy. Just getting to re-visit this series in any way is something I love. But the Thorne novella? Aces, how can I marry the guy?

Wicked Sexy Liar(Wild Seasons #4) by Christina Lauren ****
So, although I had fun reading this one, and really liked Luke and London, some things with this book just felt off for me. Yea, I gave it a four star, because I base it off my fun factor. And there's no way I won't devour a Christina Lauren book. But the pacing was just off on this one; I don't even know if I'd call it insta-love because it wasn't. It's just that I found it hard to believe that they loved each other after a month when they slept together a few times and hung out a few more times. And it pissed me off that Luke was being shamed for sleeping around. He was never a dick about it. But on the other hand I like that he stood up for himself and was like yo, I like sex and I'm young it's all good. Besides that, London was a cool girl and Luke was a fun guy. So it made for a fun romcom. Sad that this set of characters book series has come to an end. But, you know me, I re-read like it's my job(I wish it were...).

Amulet Vol 7: Firelight by Kazu Kibuishi **
I've been waiting for what feels like years for this volume. So of course I was ecstatic when I scored myself an ARC. This is a fun middle grade portal fantasy. It's got a great cast of characters. But this volume was a let down. The story really dragged. And there was nothing moving the plot forward until the very end. I love me a long series, but I really don't think this one needed to be 7+ volumes(there's going to be at least another one). Everything needs to happen already. The long wait between volumes had me losing interest and after this mediocre volume I'm afraid of losing even more.

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What did you guys read this week?

Happy reading!



  1. Well The Naturals is definitely happening. How can I resist a YA version of Criminal Minds? Especially with a paranormal element. You have been a reading machine! I love your instagram pics. Yours are always so pretty!

  2. I see so many people rave about Bad Romeo but for some reason the synopsis just doesn't do anything for me. Don't know why. * shrugs * I read one this past week - I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest. I saw it mentioned on someone's blog and went straight to the library for it. It was fun but I think I was expecting a lot more.

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    1. Tanya, you must read Bad Romeo. DO it.

    2. OMG, you are so bossy. LOL Thanks to you I just placed a Book Outlet order - including Bad Romeo. So there. :)

    3. Most excellent! Now don't let it sit unread. READ IT ASAP!

  3. I LOVE Leisa Ravyen's Bad Romeo duet & really can't wait for Wicked Heart! I've been eyeing the Naturals series for a while now but I'm not sure if they're for me. I do like paranormal and crime shows so maybe I'll give them a chance. You know, once I can get my TBR down. Soo many books, soo little reading time.