Sunday, 1 March 2015

Showcase Sunday #75

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme held by Books, Biscuits and Tea. It allows fellow bloggers to show off any books or bookish things they've compiled over the week.

I have crawled out my blanket cave to bring you guys this. Be impressed. It's been another freeze your fingers off as soon as they hit cold air kind of week. Thank God it is March. Perhaps Mother Nature will drop this mood and bring spring. Not like spring necessarily means warmer weather here. I went to a good friends birthday party last night. She turned 30. And as of today I'm a month away from that number too. We were ragging on her pretty hard. But it's a scary number. :S
As per usual, got a ton of books this week. I honestly(as I say every week) didn't mean too. But I found some highly anticipated books out early. And other ones I just wanted. The Kindle books for the most part were free or really cheap. I'm on another NA binge and was looking for deals there. Plus I'm addicted to one of the series down there and have been devouring them the past few days. 


Red Queen(Red Queen Trilogy #1) by Victoria Aveyard: Caved and bought it. I've been eagerly anticipating this one, but I knew I wouldn't be reading it anytime soon. So I held off, for like a week.
Sherlock Holmes in a Study in Scarlet(Sherlock Holmes #1) by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Gris Grimly: I love Gris Grimly's illustrated classics. So I couldn't pass this one up.
Shutter Vol 1:Wanderlust: On a major graphic novel kick. So after my friend recommended me this one I went and got it right away.

Confess by Colleen Hoover: I was doing my daily sleuthing on the Chapters website and saw that a location 40 minutes from me had this out 11(11!) days early. So naturally because it's CoHo I rushed there. I stayed up really late reading. Obviously.
The Winner's Crime(The Winner's Trilogy #2) by Marie Rutkoski: That Chapters also had this out early. So I snatched it up. I do have an e-ARC of it, but I can't read fantasy books in e-format. Besides I was going to buy a finished copy.
Dorothy Must Die:Stories by Danielle Paige: I had no idea these were being printed in paperback. So when I saw this I had to have it. *shrugs*

E-Books Purchased
Captured: Saw someone on my Goodreads rave about it. Than saw it was free for Kindle.
Addicted to You: Was going through my Amazon wishlists and saw this was on special, the special being free.
Whatever Life Throws At You: Seeing a lot of great reviews from my friends and it was about $2 for Kindle. So I clicked buy.
Near & Far: Samantha made me read the first one and I couldn't stop there. Blame Jesse Walker, the smokin' hot cowboy. Can't pass up more books with him.
Finders Keepers: I already own the first one, but saw the 3rd one(this one) was like a $1. So clicked again.
The Sin Eater's Daughter: Pre-ordered this one a while ago because it was only $3. If I end up loving it I'll buy the physical copy.

The Boy Next Door by Katie Van Ark: Thanks so much to Raincoast for sending this out to me!

What did you guys get this week?

Happy reading!



  1. RED QUEEEEEEEN! I can't wait for you to read that one!! I totally knew you wouldn't be able to resist going out to buy Confess! It's Colleen Hoover! I'm totally not sorry for taking up your week with Nicole Willams... Jesse Walker is worth it, as is Garth Black! I really want a physical copy of The Sin Eaters Daughter. It keeps luring me in everytime I'm in Waterstones!
    The Boy Next Door! I need to get that one. It sounds adorable!
    Fingers crossed for some warmer weather this week! Happy reading :D

  2. So many pretty books! I can't wait to see what you think of Winner's Curse and of course Red Queen. The Sherlock looks so pretty! I really want to do a big reading of the books and then watch the series (which can you believe I haven't finished yet?). Were you the one who told me that each episode corresponded with a story? I am impressed you're out of bed in those temperatures. I'm shivering inside with temps in the mid 40s. I don't think I'd survive!

  3. Yay you got Shutter! Hope you like it! I want vol 2 right meow!

  4. I really need to get my hands on Red Queen and The Sin Eater's Daughter!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  5. Oohh I didn't know the Dorothy Muse Die had paperback novellas! I must check it out.. OOHH YAY WINNER'S CURSE :P