Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Top 5 Wednesday: Series I Won't Be Finishing

Top 5 Wednesday is a meme started by Lainey at Ginger Reads Lainey. Find the list of all the #T5WFamily here.

This weeks topic is:

Top 5 Fictional Series I Won't Be Finishing!

5. The Hollow Trilogy

This one just ended up lacking in almost everything; plot, dialogue, emotions, character development. It's very reminiscent of the Twilight era and I(embarrassingly) probably would have rated it a lot higher if I had read it back then. Abbey is another Bella Swan. And add in super cheesy dialogue and a "dead" love interest and it's Twilight in another setting. Needless to say, there's many reasons why I will not be reading the rest of the trilogy.

4. Dark Passages series(?)/trilogy(?)

White Space is beyond confusing. For most of this book I thought Bick's only reason for writing it was to mess with her readers. It's told from multiple POV's. So well reading some of them I thought I had a grasp on what might be going down, but than it would quickly change to someone else's and I'd go back to "WTF?". In the end I was way too confused to care enough to figure out what the hell was going on upon slamming the book shut.

3. Visions trilogy

I have read the first two books, Crash and Bang, and really enjoyed them. Bang should have ended a few pages earlier than it did for complete satisfaction. Unfortunately it didn't. It set up for a third, unnecessary book. I've talked to friends who've read it and says it does nothing for the series and really just adds more of the same conflicts from the first two books. I'm perfectly fine pretending that one and the last few pages of Bang don't exist.

2. Shadow Falls series

I thought the first book, Born at Midnight was alright. It's just nothing special. It's like a lot of other paranormal series out there. Nothing in it stood out above the rest. And with it being a decent size series I just feel no need to carry on with the amount of series I have on the go right now.

1. Arclight duology(?)

Arclight wasn't bad. There were parts I enjoyed. But most of it was pretty boring. I don't really remember the point of the lights and dark areas. Just a very non-memorable book. But I do remember it was supposed to be a stand alone. It's not(surprise, surprise). Once I heard there was going to be a sequel, Meridian, I didn't plan on picking it up. The terrible reviews of Meridian have more than sealed the deal for me, too.

What are some series you won't be finishing?

Happy reading!



  1. I haven't read any of these, and now I am really glad!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. I haven't read any of these though I did think about Born At Midnight. I think I'll keep it that way!

  3. NEVER read Meridian. It was SO AWFUL. I don't even remember how it ended....
    Aw man. That really sucks about the Vision trilogy. I've been meaning to pick it up, but I doubt I'll bother now. And I DEFINITELY won't be picking up Dark Passages after your review. It sounds terrible.

  4. I have considered quite a lot of these series in the past, but then ended up not trying them. White Space is one I am especially glad I didn't buy, I haven't seen one good review for that book.