Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 Wrap Up & 2014 Goals

So that's that. Buh-bye 2013! I swear this seems like the fastest year ever. It was an interesting year to say the least. Lots of changes and new ventures had. Including starting this blog. Yay!
2013 was also a fantastic reading year for me. 191 books read. Which I think is pretty awesome(although no where near close enough to clear my TBR lol). And a huge percentage of those I rated four and five star. Of course there were some not so great reads(find that post  here). But overall the not so good reads didn't come anywhere close to the many amazing books I read this year. I started and finished quite a few good series this year. There was also some series finales that came out this year, that I was desperately waiting for. And I found some awesome new authors that I now will read anything they publish.
As for the 2013 goals I set for myself, I had my reading challenge met by June. And ended up increasing that quite a few times throughout the year. I also had set a goal of re-reading 20 books this year. I read 15. So I'm good with that. I also wanted to try to start and finish 12 series this year. I ended up with 6, almost 7, so not bad. But I'm definitely going to try harder to read through more in 2014.
I also set the laughable goal of reading 6 classics. I say laughable because I don't do classics, although I so wish I could. But I did read The Great Gatsby and really enjoyed it.

As for 2014, setting a few goals as well doing a few challenges.
1. Read at least 180 books.
2. Re-read at least 20 books.
3. Start and finish 12 different series.
4. Pick two books from my TBR jar each month.
5. The Dystopia Reading Challenge.
And that's all I'm sure of right now. I'm going to look around for maybe a Fantasy and/or Sci-Fi challenge as well.

How did you guys do in 2013? Any goals for 2014?

Happy New Year!


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  1. It definitely was such a fast year! The Great Gatsby was the only classic I ended up reading this year as well! 2013 sounds like it was a fantastic year for you. Good luck with your goals for 2014 and Happy New Year! :D