Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sarah Dessen Book Club

Today Heather from the youtube channel Bookables announced she is starting a Sarah Dessen book club. Every month she will read a different Dessen book and at the end of that month she will post her discussion video of said book. She's hoping to get lots of participation from her followers and others.

I absolutely love Sarah Dessen! She is my favourite YA contemporary writer. I've read (and own) all 11 of her books. So when I saw this video today it made me pretty excited.
Sarah's latest book. The Moon and More, was released in June. After devouring it in a day it made me want to go back and re-read the rest of her books over the summer. Sadly that didn't happen. I didn't pick up any of them. :(
So this Sarah Dessen book club is perfect timing! I will definitely be participating. It has been so long since I've read most of her books, so a lot of details and even plots are pretty hazy. I don't want that anymore. Time for the fog to disappear!

For anyone unfamiliar with Sarah Dessen or her books, they always have a female teenage protagonist. Usually she's trying to find herself, dealing with real life issues and making some hard decisions or choices along the way. People tend to classify Dessen books as "beach reads" and I would agree to an extent. They definitely are not fluff books (as some of them deal with some gritty subjects like rape in Just Listen or teenage pregnancy in Someone Like You), but for the most part they all take place during the summer at a small beach town in North Carolina. Which is why I love reading them in the summer (also her release dates have been in June for the most part).

I hope you guys will participate as well. Especially if you are a Sarah Dessen virgin. It is time to pop that cherry!
If you want to make reading updates, or have some discussions on Twitter, Tumblr, etc... the hash tag to use is #sarahdessenbookclub.

And the most important detail is the September pick: The Truth About Forever
From what I can remember, that's one of my favourites. So excited to finally be reading it again!

Happy reading!


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