Friday, 9 January 2015

Miniviews #20: More Than Music & Last Call

More Than Music by Elizabeth Briggs
Publication Date:
June 10th, 2014
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 303
Series: Chasing the Dream #1
Source: Netgalley/Publisher
Rating: 3/5
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I read the prequel novella, More Than Exes, late in 2014 and quite enjoyed it. I thought it was a good set up for the series. I was excited to see what More Than Music would bring me. Unfortunately it was nothing special. I've found that with NA I really like stories that are about bands or rock stars. It's not that they need to be famous. I just like the incorporation of music and the band dynamic into the story. More Than Music is about Maddie and her accidentally becoming the guitar player in her friends band. Maddie is a music major and secretly plays the guitar. So when Villain Complex is suddenly without a guitarist within a few days of them auditioning to be on The Sound(think The Voice) Maddie says what the hell and throws her summer out to the window. She's immediately drawn to Jared, the lead singer and bands ladies man. Of course there's reservations about acting on her feelings. His reputation being one and destroying the band being another. Obviously they eventually act on their feelings. But Jared says they must keep it a secret, which Maddie disagrees with, but doesn't tell him that.
Maddie is a meak, quite girl. It was good to see her coming out of her shell as the band progressed on the show. I understand her not wanting to act on her feelings towards Jared, but when she did cave she pretty much let him walk all over her. Jared is a nice guy, with player persona. He was a little nerdy which is always a good thing. But he really let keeping up perceived appearances get the better of his character. He meets Maddie and suddenly he's putting his player ways behind him. Which is all fine and dandy, but when actions speak louder than words, I'm calling you a liar. My issues were that I wasn't really invested in their relationship. It was sweet but meh at the same time. Also the lead up to the conflict was obvious. When Maddie accidentally kisses Jared on air, he was a complete asshole about it. Than the whole conflict and fight was pretty minimal. She forgave him to easily. That whole part was just underwhelming.
I really liked the band and show dynamics. All the drama, backstabbing and competition through the bands and even the coaches(again just like The Voice) was fun. More Than Music is a fun, light hearted and quick read. There's nothing different about it, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Just means it's not a stand out. 

Last Call by Alice Clayton
Publication Date:
January 6th, 2015
Publisher: Gallery Books
Pages: 176
Series: Cocktails #4.5
Source: Purchased
Rating: 4/5
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Last Call brings the Cocktails series full circle. Wallbanger started Caroline's and Simon's story and Last Call completes it. The Cocktails series is a great bunch of romcom type companion books. I've thoroughly enjoyed the series. It's fun and has a great amount of laugh out loud moments. And I was really antsy to see how Caroline and Simon get their happily ever after. They are a great couple. Fun and really into each other. But they have separate lives outside their coupledom. Caroline especially likes some alone time. They both have busy work lives. Simon's takes him around the world. I think this just makes their relationship completely real. And like I said, fun. There's great banter between them. Caroline has had some cold feet type moments in the past. It had nothing to do with not loving Simon enough, it was more than she was comfortable and secure in where their relationship was at and didn't feel the need to move forward. But they did. They bought a house, not without hiccups, but it all ended well. Last Call sees Caroline and Simon's friends getting married and having babies. Which of course puts ideas and sparks into their relationship. Caroline is still a little apprehensive to take that next step, but how can she say no to Simon when he does it naked? Lol. When an accident half way around the world sees Caroline rushing to Simon's side, priorities and what's really important gets put into perspective.
That might make this book sound deeper than it is. Not to say there's no substance, because there is, it's just that Clayton does everything in a lighter tone. There's lots of silly moments. And it was great catching up with previous characters. Caroline and Simon have a great bunch of friends that we've gotten to know and see more into their lives too. The friendships are probably right up there with being as fun as the romantic relationships. There's a bunch of joking and banter between the group. It was just good to see them move forward in their lives, but still remain a tight bunch.
I'm sad to see that there won't be more to the Cocktails series. I've thoroughly enjoyed all the books. I have no doubt I'll be re-visiting them in the future.

Happy reading!


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  1. I just added Wallbanger to my TBR list and I'm really looking forward to reading it. They sound like fun reads. I think I'll pass on More Than Music though. Doesn't sound like it was a particular stand out for you even though it was a nice read.