Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Top 5 Wednesday: Top Actors/Actresses Portrayals

Top 5 Wednesday is a meme started by Lainey at Ginger Reads Lainey. Find the list of all the #T5WFamily here.

This weeks topic is:

Top 5 Actors/Actresses Portrayals in Book to Movie/T.V. Adaptations!

5. Ian McKellen as Gandalf

4. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss

3. Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix

2. Theo James as Four

1. Alan Rickman as Snape

Not totally original picks but I love them all. And I'm pretty sure Alan Rickman as Snape will always be number 1. Just so brilliant!
With some upcoming movies like TFiOS and The Maze Runner(which is going to be epic) this list could easily change.
What are some of your favourite book characters portrayals on screen?

Happy reading!



  1. Yes yes yes to every single one of these!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. I agree with all but Theo. I do not see him as Four, not even after the movie. I think they really kicked in the dark with that movie, mostly I dislike everyone XD
    But I agree with others 100 %, perfect casts!

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