Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Things I am Thankful For

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme held by The Broke and the Bookish.

This weeks topic is:

Top Ten Things I'm Thankful For!

So Canadian Thanksgiving was well over a month ago, but I'm up for telling you guys what I'm thankful for. I'm just going to make a random list. I thought about sticking with book related things, but nah. So here you go.

10. Starbucks: I know, I know. But honestly it's how I start my day off. It might be an expensive way to start the day off, but I spend a lot less on food because my latte fills me up for most of the day. Ha ha

9. The Book Community: I may have just got into blogging, but I've been active on other sites like Goodreads and Shelfari for years. And I've made sooo many great friends through there. Get great book recommendations. And really I spend a lot of my day hanging out around these sites. And now I'm starting to meet new friends through the blogging community and it makes me so happy.

8. Movies: I haven't watched as many movies this year as I'd like. Books have kind of taken over my life. But nothing beats watching an old favourite or a new favourite. Just like books, they take you out of reality for two hours. And it's always a bonus when beautiful boys are occupying that screen time too.

7.  Tea: I drink a lot of tea. It's yummy. And I'm all for trying different flavours, especially at this time of year when the Christmas ones come out. But I always go back to my trusty green to warm me up.

6. Disney: So I'm possibly the biggest Disney nerd out there. Other than Books and Bon Jovi, Disney probably takes up a lot of my thoughts. And I'm talking about every aspect of Disney. But mostly Disney World itself. I actually use to work there so I have a billion cherished memories from then. But I also have spent a lot of times in the World outside of working there. And I'm always dreaming about when I'll get to return.

5. Travel: So being a travel agent does have some perks when going on vacation. But even if I wasn't in the business I've always wanted to see as much of the world as I can. I may have only hit a very small portion of it so far, but I'll get there one day. I'm lucky that I have my health, so that I can take advantage of travel opportunities when they arise.

4. Bon Jovi: Ha! These guys are my life. I'm lucky to live in(or very near) a city they visit quite a few times when they are on tour; like four times this year! I pretty much was born a fan. Thanks mom! And it has never wavered. Ask me what I'm listening to and it's a 95% chance I will say Bon Jovi. I breath their music. 

3. Books: Of course this would be on my list. There's really not much explanation needed here. My dream since I was little has always been to have Beast's library. And I'm trying my best to get there. I love building my personal library, but of course I love everything else a great book has to offer. Meeting my favourite authors, living in different worlds, becoming friends with my favourite characters, the feels, the beautiful covers, just everything!

2. My doggies: My family have always been about our dogs. I've had plenty of furry family members growing up and I can't imagine a life without a dog by my side. Yes, it's heartbreaking that they live such a short life compared to us, but they bring so much love, companionship and different personalities to you in that time that it's always well worth to have one or five being a part of your family. 

Oreo says "Merry Christmas!"                                       Cranberry says "Squirrel!"

1. Friends & Family: Another obvious one. They are there for you through thick and thin. And what is life without them? Thanks for being in my life whether by choice or not. :)

Happy Holidays!


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  1. Love your list :)

    You should try Quilliam Brother's Winter Warmer tea :) it's delicious!