Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Books I'd Recommend to My Cousin

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme held by The Broke and the Bookish.

This weeks topic is:

Top Ten Books I'd Recommend to My Cousin!

This weeks topic is actually perfect and a little funny. I chose to go with my cousin as the person I would recommend books too because that's our thing. He may be a teenage boy, and twelve years younger than me. But we share a love of reading and books. It's what we bond over, right Bradley? :) And the funny thing is I just asked him for his Christmas book wish list, which always turns into me recommending books to him to put on the list. I'd like to think I give him good recommendations and he ends up getting books he loves for Christmas or his birthday. I don't think I've done wrong yet, but you'd have to ask him to make sure. ;) Anyhow, here are the books/series I want him to have a go at(hopefully he hasn't read any of them).

1. Finnikin of The Rock(Lumatere Chronicles #1): I actually gave this one to him a few years ago. But he recently told me he's yet to finish it. Grrrr....Finish it Bradley! :)
2. Throne of Glass(Throne of Glass #1): I believe I have mentioned this one before. But with only two books out so far, I already know it will become one of my top fantasy series. So I think everyone should read it.
3. The Raven Boys(The Raven Cycle #1): He recently read The Scorpio Races and liked it, so I think this series would interest him because of the mythology and mystery elements.
4.The Emerald Atlas(The Books of Beginning #1): What we both enjoy is action. And middle grade books usually don't disappoint there. Since we're both such big fans of HP and PJ I think he would find this right up his ally too.

5.The Darkest Minds(The Darkest Minds #1): We are also both fans of dystopians and I was very pleasantly surprised with how much I love this book. He's a big fan of Divergent and HG too, so this one fits right in.
6.Unwind(Unwind Dystology #1): This one is super creepy and original. Bradley likes creepy. Lol.
7.The Book Thief: Another one he told me he hasn't finished. Everybody needs to read The Book Thief. It should be mandatory!
8.The 5th Wave(The 5th Wave #1): I'll admit to not really enjoying this one. BUT I do think Bradley would. So that's why it's here.

9.Ready Player One: What a unique, fun book! I really don't know why he wouldn't enjoy this one too. It's pretty much a video game that you read. Both things he likes.
10. Graphic novels: We just talked about this the other day, and he hasn't read one before. Which I think is a must for him. He's very artistic, so obviously with the art and words all in one, it should be a given he'd become addicted.

How about you guys? What person in your life do you really want to recommend a bunch of books to?

Happy reading!



  1. OMG SCREAMING Throne of Glass and The Darkest Minds!!!!!!!!!!! <333 I love these to bits!!!
    great list!


    1. They are awesome! Crown of Midnight is definitely my favourite read of 2013!
      Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. Those look amazing! I read the Raven Boys and LOVED IT!!!! I just finished Dream Theives and it was just amazing

    1. Can't really go wrong with Stiefvater. :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Great list! I also picked my cousin, who at age eleven, is eleven years younger than me. The Darkest Minds is actually on my own wishlist, looks like such a great book. My TTT.

    1. The age difference can be hard when recommending books. Or even if they are a different gender. But a great book can appeal to anyone, really.
      Definitely recommend picking up The Darkest Minds. Fantastic book! :)