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Review: Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It by Nick Carter

Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It by Nick Carter

Publication Date:
September 17th, 2013
Publisher: Bird Street Books
Pages: 254
Source: Netgalley and Purchased
Rating: 4/5
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This book is Nick Carter's autobiography and self-help hybrid in which he chronicles his struggles with a dysfunctional family and the unimaginable rigors of becoming an internationally successful pop-star at the age of 12. From his battle with addiction to serious health complications and the pain of his younger sister's tragic death, Nick leaves nothing to the imagination and offers true and heartfelt advice to help readers overcome obstacles in their own lives.

There was really only one reason I was initially interested in picking up this book. NICK CARTER WROTE A BOOK! How could I not want to read it? BSB were my life growing up and I'm still a huge fan. I'd read or watch anything any of the band were to put out. And I'm sure that's the same for a lot of people that pick up this book. So I really didn't bother to read what it was about. I figured I get a look into Nick's life in one of my favourite bands. Wrong. But pleasantly surprised about what I did find inside.

This book is definitely quite a bit memoir/autobiography. But also has the self-help vibe too. Nick is pretty candid about his life. He's had many demons to battle growing up. And unfortunately being famous, some of that has played out through media outlets. Being a fan (I guess a fangirl would be the appropriate term these days), I read all the magazines and such throughout the 90's and 00's. I remember reading about his tough upbringing and his dating Paris Hilton and some of his partying, etc... But I never knew how bad his drug and alcohol abuse really was. After reading this, to say that I'm surprised he's actually alive today is not an understatement. He delves right into the affect his home life had on him becoming a child star. Hard drugs, alcohol and partying became his getaway. And as we all know, he's not the only Hollywood Star out there that this becomes their lifestyle as well. The fortunate part is Nick was eventually able to seek help and live to see another day.

This book is actually quite enlightening into how far Nick has come. He may not be a professional, but telling his story and providing feelings, thoughts and advice on what has helped him overcome his darkness is never a bad thing. Someone reading this could realize they're heading that way and there is many different kinds of help out there for them. Nick is no doubt a international celebrity and quite a lot time we as "normal" folk take to heart what our favourite celebrities say and do. I think this is a positive outlet for a celebrity who has been to the bottom and is rising back up to let us know that they aren't perfect either but have to figure their shit out too. I think Nick did a very good job of getting his points across. And as a fan, I can definitely say he hasn't looked this great in many years. He seems to be finding the healthy balance for his life.


Happy reading!


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