Friday, 1 January 2016

2015 Favourites Part 4

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Here we are at another end to a year. Every year I'm surprised by how fast time went. I can't believe it is 2016. We are so close to 2020 and that kind of blows my mind for some reason. Let's just hope that the weather people are right and this winter will be a the calmer less snowy and cold side. 

As of today(and I won't be finishing another book), I've read 257 books in 2015. Now talk about mind blowing. Between October 1st and December 31st I've read 57 books. Pretty good number. Although December was a really slow reading month because of the busy time of year. Anyhow, I did do quite a bit of re-reading(eight books in those three months). And for the most part I read a bunch of very good books. 

So here's the last list of my favourites from this year before the big finale where I go over my top 15.

Best debut of the year. A brilliant YA contemp that is neither fluffy or dark. Just right.

This book is life. Simon and Baz are life. The way Rowell played around with the "chosen one"trope is brilliant.

Riordan knows how to write a story. Magnus is perhaps my favourite of his characters to date. The sass and snark is at 100%.

Not only is Illuminae unique. It's thrilling, cool, funny and shocking.

I haven't read to many books that are meta, but I kind of like it. Hoover never fails to slay my emotions so of course November 9 was no exception.

The Anatomical Shape of a Heart is jus so effortlessly written. The relationship was perfection. And the characters, ah, just so much personality.

What I'm finding is there's two types of M/M romances; one that is making a point that these is about two gay guys or one that is just a love story. And Leveled is definitely a love story. Which is what I wanted. Lando and Dom are an amazing couple.

I'm pretty certain I've never felt this happy and complete upon finishing a series. Definitely one of my favourite series' I've had the pleasure to read and fangirl over.

THIS BOOK! My heart is still recovering from all the crying and feelings. I had two major heart attacks whilst reading. But it doesn't matter, I loved Raisy's journey towards happiness.

It's Daemon Black, how could I not love this?

The hype is real. This book is so good. And total surprised me. But that can't be it. There's going to be a sequel, yea?!

Shit really spun Valek in a whole other direction. Actually it spun Yelena and the gang every which way.

What's some of your favourite books you guys read these past months?

Happy reading!



  1. Everything Everything is on my TBR as is Carry On, pretty much every book by Rick Riordan and Colleen Hoover and Anatomical Shape of a Heart. And the Lunar Chronicles is happening this year! I think I'm going the audio route - at least with the first 2 because my library has those.

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    2. Yes! The Lunar Chronicles is an absolute must. Especially because you can binge them. And the audios are pretty good. I liked the narrator.

  2. Love seeing all your picks. November 9 - yes, yes, yes. Once again, CoHo proves she can write a story that grabs you and gives you all the feels. So much love for her! I've yet to read anything by Jay Crownover and I feel like I'm missing out. And I don't think I've ever read a M/M-only book. Plenty of menage but no just M/M. Will have to change that. I can't wait for Long Way Down. I just finsihed Addicted After All last night (LiLo - my favorites!) so I still need to read Fuel the Fire. And Oblivion... OMG, my all-time favorite book boyfriend. Need more Daemon Black in my life!♥
    Can't wait to see your top 15 of the year! {drums fingers impatiently}

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    1. As an NA fan you have to read Jay Crownover this year. Start with Rule and I guarantee you'll binge the Marked Men series.
      I really got into M/M romance this past year. Him is a perfect place for you to start. My absolute favourite.
      Fuel the Fire is my favourite of the series. The Rose and Connor feels are REAL!

  3. OMG it feels so good to be back here!!!! I have missed blogging, but I have mostly missed visiting other blogs rather than dealing with my own. It feels so nice to finally be back here to read your posts. Feels like I have been gone forever.

    A lot of great looking books on here. I am currently reading Illuminae and I am a little bit obsessed. IT'S SO GOOD!!! And so unique too. I also loved November 9, but Hoover never seems to disappoint. I am so happy you loved Night Owls/The Anatomical Shape of a Heart and I will definitely be hunting down your review of that one. I still need to read Winter, but I first have to read Cress - yes, I am very behind. I also loved Magnus Chase and also enjoyed Everything Everything. Might have to check out some of the others myself.

    1. Great to have you back! I also have been slacking in the blogging area too. We'll do better in 2016.

      Illuminae is brilliant! Just perfect.
      The Anatomical Shape of A Heart is easily one of the best YA contemps I've read. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. 😊