Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: If I Taught LGBTQIA Lit 101

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme held by The Broke and the Bookish.

This weeks topic is: Top ten books that would be on my syllabus if I taught X 101.

This year more than the previous I have been consciously making decisions to read more diversely. And that includes reading literature that includes LGBTQIA characters. I love how in the publishing industry, more specifically in YA, it is becoming more predominant to find books being released with these characters. I think shows a big step.
The books I've chosen are all very different in story. But I absolutely love them all. To prevent spoilers I won't be getting into details.

10. Study Series

There is a inter sex character and the situation surrounding them is quite fascinating and a big part in Yelena's journey.

9. Grisha Trilogy and Six of Crows

Leigh Bardugo is so natural about including gay couples and relationships in her books.

8. Covenant Series
A very wonderful gay couple. I love them so much.

7. Addicted/Calloway Sisters Series
A later book, Fuel the Fire, takes a more important look at loving and how it doesn't matter if it's between the different sexes or same sex. It's the same love.

6. Outlander Series
Black Jack might perhaps be one of the most horrendous men I've come across. But he's not the only gay man in the Outlander books. 

5. Black Iris
This is a very dark book. And Raeder gives readers some very messed up relationships with a Bi MC.

4. Something Real
is one of my favourite characters. And his relationship takes some outside hits. But in the end is so strong.

3. Elemental Series
surprised readers when a character lets go of their secret in a later book. And how that character struggles and deals is so realistic.

2. Carry the Ocean
For the last few weeks I've gushed and gushed about Carry the Ocean. So of course I would include it in my syllabus. It would probably be the first book to be included.

1. Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda
Simon is and will be my favourite book of 2015. Positive, adorable, heartwarming. Absolutely a feel good kind of book.

Any books you would include in my syllabus?

Happy reading!



  1. YES for anything Grisha!!!!


  2. Great syllabus and I love that you included Simon VS. I'd be interested in taking this class because I haven't read much LGBTQA+ books and I think it would help me get more into the genre!

    My TTT: http://rachelwritesthings.blogspot.com/2015/08/top-ten-books-that-would-be-on-my.html

  3. I would love to read Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda in a class.
    My 101 TTT

  4. Love your syllabus! I'm an LGBT book fan, so I've just added numerous more books to my TBR list thanks to you :-)

  5. Interesting syllabus and class idea! I haven't read any of them though Shadow and Bone is on my TBR. It could be interesting to compare the portrayal of LGBTQIA characters in literature over time as well. This would be a fascinating class!

  6. This is an amazing syllabus! I'd join this course if it existed!! ;) I recently read Night Owls and Fans of the Impossible Life, which were great books with aspects of LGBTQIA ---> That is getting neverendingly long!!!

  7. Great topic, Brittany! I'm so bummed that I didn't have time to do TTT this week. :( I've only read one off your list, I think. Outlander (and the next 4-5 books in the series). I LOVE the Addicted series but haven't made it to Fuel the Fire yet. And the Grisha trilogy has been on my TBR for ages!