Friday, 7 August 2015

Miniviews #26: Bounce & Pucked

Bounce by Noelle August
William Morrow
Publication Date: August 25th, 2015
Pages: 304
Series: Boomerang #3
Source: Edelweiss/Publisher
Rating: 3.5/5
The Boomerang trilogy is a great set of books to start with for readers new to NA or wanting to dip their toes in the genre. All three have been light and fun without being overly sexed up.
After meeting Grey in Rebound, I was super intrigued to get this rough hot musician to myself. So Bounce gives us Grey. Brother of one of the youngest, hottest CEO's(see Rebound to get his story). That promises a lot. Well unfortunately I did not fall in lust with Grey. Now he is a young guy; just 19. So I don't fault him for not having his life together. He knows he wants to make it with his band, how he does that he's figuring out. What I found him to be was recklessly immature. Like having a party at his brother's place and destroying it without thinking about consequences. And those "consequences" that come from it, not good enough. Anyhow, he was too much of an unnecessarily angry brat. But I didn't hate him. He had a heart and would show it. I just wanted more from Grey.
Grey has his meet cute with Skyler. They share some banter about smoking and than show some real sparks during an audition(Grey is only filling in as part of those consequences). Are forced to share a kiss that neither can then forget. Cute.
Skyler is just alright for me as well. She was just written like too many other ladies out there. Not ones I dislike, just there's an influx of them. Skyler is different with her pink hair and killer curves. She doesn't realize she's beautiful and special. You know those? Skyler does this audition in the hopes she can make some quick cash(she's a musician not an actress) and it turns out she's secretly super talented at acting. Queue sprised face. Like I said fun and cute, but not different.
The story flows really well and quickly. But suffers from insta lust merged way to quickly into love. Grey and Skyler strike up a friendship where they understand each other. But don't want to ruin that with sex. Which is fine to an extent. You're both falling for each other so deal with that better than pushing it to the side.
Writing is good. Bounce brings about body image in realistic way. And I thought the romance was sweet just to quick. Look forward to hopefully seeing more NA from this writing duo in the future.

Pucked by Helena Hunting
Publisher: Helena Hunting
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2015
Pages: 380
Series: Pucked #1
Source: Purchased
Rating: 4/5
I love how Hunting's writing and story telling seems to be so limitless. She can easily writing something so fantastically dark and angsty as Clipped Wings. To something as silly and romcom like as Pucked. Keeps readers on their toes.
Pucked is something you pick up when you want a good laugh drizzled with sexiness. Sports romances are a weakness of mine. Doesn't matter if I could careless about the sport. Throw it in with a good romance and I'm hooked. If you couldn't guess, Pucked is centered around hockey. Although I will watch hockey, I am not a fan. I know, bad Canadian. But Pucked was great. The atmosphere of the sport and this team of NHL players brought so much fun to the story whether on or off the ice.
Violet was super sassy. I would line up to be her bff. Violet is secure in her own skin well still adjusting to adulthood. Violet's step brother is a NHLer. Her step dad is a scout. Hockey is her life whether she wants it to be or not. That's where she meets Alex. Her stop brothers teammate, one of hockeys young stars and major player.
Oh Alex really proves the saying that looks can be deceiving. Alex might not be the player everyone(and I mean everyone) thinks he is. But Violet doesn't know that. She just knows that oops they had sex and it was amazing. Shouldn't do that again. Alex is such a sweetheart. I loved his juxtaposition of hard secure hockey player on ice, Off the ice he can be shy, a little insecure and totally sweet. That's how I would build up Violet's and Alex's relationship; plenty hot, great great banter and sweet.
Pucked is laugh out loud way too many times to count. The silliness just brings it. The things that come out of Violet's mouth could scar some ears. She's my kind of girl.
Pucked also has the added bonus of giving readers a tour of some my backyard. Hunting is a local author, so although the whole story isn't in Toronto and area. A good handful of scenes are. Not just Toronto but areas that would only be written about from a local author. It was great to read those pages and know where abouts Alex is from.
Give me more and more in this Pucked series. I want all the team to have their own books. K.Thanks.Bye.

Happy reading!


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