Thursday, 21 May 2015

Miniviews #22: Love and the Ledge & Days Like This

Love on the Ledge by Zoraida Cordova
Publisher: Diversion Books
Publication Date: May 5th, 2015
Series: On the Verge #2
Pages: 250
Source: Netgalley/Publisher
Rating: 4/5
Cordova caught my attention with the first book in this series, Luck on the Line. It was a really good and fun NA read. So needless to say I was eager to see what she would produce next. Love on the Ledge is just as fun and romantic. The setting on the Hamptons in the summer is one a lot of wish to experience. It was great to see it through Sky's POV as she falls for Hayden and tries to keep her family from getting into too much trouble. I really liked Sky. We meet her briefly in the first book, where she got her heart broken by her asshole of a boyfriend. That lead her out to the Hamptons to stay at her uncle's house well she puts her life on hold. Well she wants to figure it out. What does she really want. Sky loves to help people, so being a nurse fit her personality. But in the end she mostly become a nurse to appease her mother. Sky's mother is good at meddling in her life, which like Sky I found quite frustrating, but can also understand that she just wants the best for her daughter. Sky doesn't need the help though. She is super independent and strong headed.  She just needed a little breather. 
Hayden literally falls into Sky's life. It's a totally meet cute. I really enjoyed the progression of their relationship. It wasn't angsty, just kind of sweet. That has a lot to do with Hayden. I love me a guy who is a hard worker, which you know, produces some nice muscle. But Hayden is such a genuine, sweet and fun guy. Really great guy. Perfect book boyfriend.
There was also a lot of focus on family. With Sky's uncles getting married, her extended family are all coming together and staying under one roof. Which, of course, leads to fighting and butting of heads. But there's also laughing and fun times. Cordova does a really good job of showing family dynamics done in a light way. Which is exactly what Love on the Ledge is; a light, fun and romantic read. Perfect beach reading material. 

Days Like This by Danielle Ellison
Publisher: Bookish Group Press
Publication Date: June 2nd, 2015
Pages: 219
Source: Netgalley/Publisher
Rating: 4/5
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Days Like This is one of those books that well I'm reading I'm thoroughly enjoying(hence my good rating), but now weeks later I remember details but not a lot. Maybe that's just because I read a lot...Anyhow, Days Like This was more on the darker side of NA. It doesn't start out in the happiest of ways. It's clear that Cassie is trudging through her life. She's at college, has a boyfriend who's good to her, and friends. But she's still thinking about what she left behind. Cassie did one of those self sacrificing runners. 90% of the time when a character pulls that self sacrificing bullshit I'm more frustrated than agreeing with their decision. Cassie left her boyfriend, soul mate, etc... Graham in the middle of the night when she realizes she doesn't want him to have to try to still love her when she inevitably turns out like her mother. Cassie's mom is diagnosed bi-polar, which has lead Cassie to a lot of difficult times growing up. Graham was always there for her and eventually that lead them into a romantic relationship. Roughly a year after Cassie did the runner, Graham contacts her to come home because of her mom. So Cassie doe what she's good at and runs from her "new" life. Where of course she now has to confront her feelings about Graham and her mom.
What I enjoyed most about Days Like This was the character progression. All the feelings between Cassie and Graham and Cassie and her mom was done pretty realistically. There was no magical fix. Everyone spoke their thoughts and learned how to proceed forward. This book is pretty short too, but the pace was pretty good. Didn't feel rushed. Cassie definitely had her moments when she frustrated me, but I understood she was trying to be selfless. Graham was understandably confused. He never got closure. He still loves Cassie even though he tried to move on with his life sans her. Graham was a really sweet guy, and as hurt as he was you could see how much he still cared and loved Cassie. It was hard for him to keep those feelings under wrap. I was of course rooting for them. And the ending was done really well. Again, quite realistically. I liked how they didn't give up their individual dreams. The resolution Cassie has with her mom was satisfying as well. There's still things to figure out, but they were talking and Cassie was finding herself able to stop hiding how her moms actions hurt her growing up. I could tell they'd be alright down the road.
Ellison was able to give me a well developed story and character arc in not so many pages, and I'm super interested to see what she'll write next.

Happy reading!


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  1. Love on the Ledge sounds really fun and I love the sound of Hayden. I know just one you mean about Days Like This. I was reading a book from one of my favorite historical romance authors and enjoying it and then got around a third of the way in and realized I had read it before. I enjoyed the book both times but there was nothing memorable about it at all.