Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Best and Worst Series Endings!

Top Ten Tuesday is weekly meme held by The Broke and the Bookish.

This weeks topic is:

Top Ten Best & Worst Series Endings!

 I could easily fill a top ten list for both best and worst endings but I'm going to split this in half and do five and five.


  I assume this will be on a lot of peoples list and obviously I think it deserves to be. Then ending was terrible, yes. But my problem was the whole book. It just didn't make sense character or plot wise. I did love Delirium, so that was sad for me.

I think this might be the theme for worst endings. Trilogy starters that I loved and endings that I hated. Loved Matched. Disliked Reached. It was so blah and predictable. 

Clearly Twilight was no work of art. But it was enjoyable if you took it for what it was. But Breaking Dawn was crap! All this work up for a big vampire battle and then Bella wins by being amazing. Awful...

Again, another book that I loved the first one, Firelight. Such a different book with dragons. But unfortunately the trilogy got worse not better. And truthfully I don't remember what even happened at the end. Because I couldn't have cared less.

Yes, I read the whole Halo trilogy. No, I'm not sure why. They were alright. Nothing special. And that's why it makes the list; no improvement throughout the the books the just stayed meh with an obvious all tied up in a bow ending.


 Now this is a fantastic fantasy trilogy. Go get Poison Study right now! I thought the ending was awesome. And left me wanting more of the characters in the future (which is apparently happening!!!).

Jessica Darling as a "grown up". Of course I wanted to know where her life went. And Marcus too... I thought it was a super cute ending.

Graceling is another fantastic fantasy novel. And I loved seeing how Bitterblue, this very, very young queen was handling her throne and new life.

Obviously The Infernal Devices makes this list. Best ending to a series EVER! Oh my God, the feels! Never have I been more satisfied.

 Across the Universe was great. But Shades of Earth blew my mind. My jaw was dropped for very large portions. And that is how you end a series people.

How about you guys? Favourites? Disappointments?

Happy reading!


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  1. Clockwork Princess and Bitterblue made my worst lists. I hate to see Requiem on everyone's worsts lists. I haven't read it yet, but this doesn't really make me want to. :(

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know