Monday, 3 July 2017

2017 Favourites Part 2

Find Part 1 here.

Happy Canada Day! #Canada150 (or if this post goes up late Happy Canada Day Weekend).
These past three months have been decent. I've lacked on the posting and keeping the blog consistent; again. But I've done a good amount of reading. So close to the hundred mark. I honestly don't have any major standouts. I've had a few 5* reads, but mostly 4 and under. One massive disappointment; which if you know me you will see missing from this list. I need to try a little harder at choosing my reads. I need some books to make me super excited(like Belle >>) and get me back to being a reading machine.
As expected/assumed, romance has been my go to. Also, read some great YA contemps. Check the stats below:

April 1st to June 30th stats:
Read: 46
Reread: 9/46
DNFs: 1
Total read so far in 2017: 94
Most Read Genre: Romance
Total Pages Read(of finished books): 31,499

Adorable, frustrating, sex positive, movie buff awesomeness.

Sweet f/f romance with a few harder hitting moments.

Fandom, fame and mental health was written(and illustrated) perfectly. READ THIS BOOK. 

What happens when an 18 year old wins the lottery? A little bit of fun and chaos. Jen Smith is one of my fave authors. She's so dependable. 

Three days at a con with three awesome friends. Absolutely fun and perfect. Super positive rep for autism, mental health and LGTBQI+.

Smart, nerdy kids. There are some pretty big nerd-offs. With a hate to love manipulated romance. It's pure fun.

Hunting always knows how to deliver a great romcom. The relationship is a slow burn that borders more towards the sweet side. 100% approve.

Fun. Hilarious. A raging good time. 

Quirky and darkly funny. Friendship to the max. I mean, mature friend group. 

Oh Erickson.  I LOVE this author duo. Trust me when I say they create swoony romcom gold together.

I feel like I've been waiting a lifetime for this book. Moffy is everything I needed him to be. Loved Farrow. LOVED being back in the Calloway world!

What's been your favourite book this past quarter?

Happy reading!



  1. I need to read Alex Approximately soon. I think I even preordered it but still haven't got to it. I have Eliza out from the library right now but don't think I have time to read it before it's due. Will have to see if I can renew. Stay - that needs to happen stat. Bowen + Kennedy = Happiness. And DLU... swoon. I'm extending the anticipation like I always do. I love knowing it's sitting there ready and waiting. Makes my heart go pitter pat. :)

    1. Yes, you do! Have you read her previous YA, The Anatomical Shape of a Heart? Because I love that one even more.
      Renew! Renew! You have to read it in physical form. It has illustrations, which is always better in hard copy than e-book format.
      Stay was my least favourite of the four. BUT I say that very lightly. I still loved it. Because yes, Bowen + Kennedy = comedy cold.
      I know you do. Trust me, you will LOVE Moffy and Farrow and everything!!! Are you waiting until we get a release date for Loves Like Us to read it?

    2. Nope, haven't read that one. Actually, hadn't even connected that it was by the same person. You'll be happy to know I renewed Eliza. :) Sooo excited for DLU. You know I love to put off the ones I'm most excited about, though. I love the anticipation of knowing I still have it ready and waiting to enjoy. Not waiting for a date for LLU, though. I'll just decide one day that I want to read it. :) I feel bad that it's getting some crap comments on the Fizzle Force FB group. So lame.