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Weekly Wrap-Up November 14th-December 4th

So since I took a bit of an unplanned hiatus, this wrap-up is actually three weeks. There's actually not a ridiculous amount of books to go over. I read eleven books in those three weeks. Four being e-ARC's, two being e-books, one an audio and four physical books.

Pucked Up(Pucked #2) by Helena Hunting ****
Seriously, Hunting is one of the best sexy romcom writers I've come across. Just all the LOL's. Buck was quite the guy in the first book. He's kind of an idiot but definitely more the lovable kind. His and Violet's sibling relationship is the absolute best. So much teasing but are there for each other. It's fun and cute. Now Buck is a previous playboy, trying real hard to figure out the relationship thing with Sunny. Who was kind of unintentionally playing him a little and that had me hating on her for screwing Buck around. Like I said, he's so lovable. But in the end they are both kind of on the other side of intelligence, so really it was funny to see them work it all out. #embracetheyeti

More Than Once(Chasing the Dream #4) by Elizabeth Briggs **.5
Overall I've enjoyed this companion series. The problem has been the consistency in the writing and characters. And that really showed through here. Both characters were ones from the previous books that had been screwed over or just not in a good place. So they both deserved the HEA. Just the whole book was really mechanical; whatever was expected to happen or be said, did. Becca is the reformed bad girl, with still the attitude and Andrew is the good guy trying to get people to see him not as such. One overdone trope. Add in another trope I'm not to fond of(faking being the boyfriend) and Becca's awful, hypocritical parents meant I had a few too many issues. Overall still enjoyable and a quick read.

Vivian Divine is Dead by Lauren Sabel *.5
Just a terrible, terrible book. The MC is a rich and famous actress. So of course she was written as a spoiled, insensitive, ignorant princess. I cannot deal with those types of characters. So she just killed any enjoyment I would have gotten from the alright mystery going down.

Long Way Down(Calloway Sisters #4, Addicted #3.2) by Krista & Becca Ritchie *****
THIS BOOK! My heart is still recovering from all the crying and feelings. I had two major heart attacks whilst reading. But it doesn't matter, I loved Raisy's journey towards happiness. I can't even with this series. It is everything. I know I'm being vague because spoilers. Just Ryke and Daisy really went through so much but their love is infinite. God, what a way to end a series and destroy my life.

The Next Together(The Next Together #1) by Lauren James ***
Hmmm..... This book was alright, but definitely left me wanting more out of it. I really thought based on the concept it would be an epic love story. And I didn't see that. Following the four different timelines wasn't really confusing, the head scratching part was the why. Why were Katherine and Matthew fated to keep following in love but losing each other. It never was really explained. At least not in a way I was happy with. Plus I only really like two out of the four timelines. The characters and story fell flat in the other two.My biggest qualm was not knowing this was going to be a series or more than one book when going in. I hate not knowing I'm getting myself into a series.

The Blue by Lucy Clarke ****
What a satisfying thriller, mystery type read. As you guys know I don't read a lot of them. But a while ago this one caught my attention mostly because of the cover and that it takes place on a yacht sailing around south east Asia and the pacific. What an awesome setting. Obviously I'm going to keep this vague. But the characters on the yacht all had those mysterious backgrounds that really kept me wondering what the hell was going on. Plus the writing had a bit of a lyrical feel to it, which really added the the tone of the book. Even known mystery readers out there, like myself, will find this an enjoyable read.

The Trouble with Destiny by Lauren Morrill ***
Overall this was a silly and fun read about a bunch of high school band geeks competing in a competition on a cruise ship. Being pretty short, also made it a few hour read. But it was really hard to like the MC. I felt like she would have really shrill voice to go along with her bossy personality. The whole romance was way to cheesy and silly. Nothing about the outcome was surprising(bit of a love triangle), but also the "I knew him when we were young so even though I haven't seen him in years I know I love him" crap was exactly that; crap. The difference between being twelve and eighteen brings so many changes, so obviously you're in love with a memory not this person. Ugh. Not my favourite bit, obviously. Still some side characters and the setting helped in making this an enjoyable read.

With Every Breath by Lia Riley ***
Another just alright romance. It definitely has the brody, sexy Scot going for it. With some light banter between Rhys and Auden. And of course the angst and drama is very present(a little too much so in my opinion). As to be expected from that drama and angst there were many a times I wanted to throat punch one or both of them. And the insta-love; that was probably the fastest case of it I've come across. Both characters are very aware of how crazy their fast feelings were, but that doesn't take away from the chessiness of it. The best part of the book was the setting. End of the world is kind of a romantic setting it turns out.

Riders(Riders #1) by Veronica Rossi *.5
I know I should probably write a full review. And that review should go up much closer to release date in February. But I really have nothing to say. The concept of Riders is stellar. That's what caught my attention. But apparently the execution was was less than stellar. Flat and boring characters. Flat and boring story. Writing felt disjointed and confusing which made the mythology confusing. Gideon, the MC, believed what happened to him and his new destiny without blinking an eye. Add in all the information that is withheld from him, so intentional secret keeping to keep the readers and MC in the dark, is one of my most hated tropes. Unfortunately Riders really, really missed the mark.

It's a Wonderful Tangled Christmas Carol(Tangled #4.5) by Emma Chase ****
A short fun and very funny novella with Drew and Kate. I still love Drew so much.

Exquisite Captive(Dark Caravan Cycle #1) by Heather Demetrios ****
This was such a dark and sexy read. I really haven't read that many jinni books. But I think Exquisite Captive will be a hard one to beat. The mythology and fantasy world was on point. Although it took me a while to get names and the language straight that didn't take away from my enjoyment of the story or world building. The concept of jinni's being sold into slavery on earth was really quite relevant and sad. Nalia's imprisonment to Malek was a real emotional journey. I knew I should never ever feel an ounce for Malek or want to see him happy with Nalia in the future, but I may have failed a bit there. It was hard, okay. Nalia is a real feisty girl. Really, really loved her POV. The civil war and revolution in the jinni world was quite fascinating. It brought Raif to find Nalia, and their banter/fighting was on point. I had a small grievance with the quick romance, but nothing to detour me or my confusion on which ship I want to follow. Exquisite Captive left off on the perfect mark. Not a cliffy, but definitely makes you want the sequel. So obviously I cannot wait. 

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You guys read anything good these past few weeks?

Happy reading!



  1. Aw.. I'm really looking forward to Riders by Veronica Rossi :( It just sounds so awesome! I still have I hopes though. Also, eleven books in three weeks? I can barely read that many in a month. lol

    Haraiah @ Random Things In Action

  2. Oh your shelves are so pretty! I have dreams of turning one of the bedrooms into a reading room full of all things books but first I have to get the kid who lives in that bedroom out of the house! She's in college so I don't think I have too much longer! Glad all is well! I was wondering where you wandered off too. I want to read The Blue! It sounds really good. Glad you're back and have a great week!