Saturday, 12 September 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up September 5th-11th

This week I managed to read six books. Two were physical books. Four of them were e-books; one of those being an e-ARC. I also DNF'd a book.

After You(Me Before You #2) by Jojo Moyes *****
Me Before You is easily one of my favourite books. I read it years ago and it has still stuck with me. Lou touched me. Her relationship with Will was wonderful and sad. Will was still full of life and I wish he could have seen that. So hearing that there would be a sequel was bitter sweet. Of course I wanted to know how Lou and everyone else was getting on, but also it left me wondering if the sequel would tarnish the memories of Will, Lou and Me Before You? 
Well I'm happy to say After You does not.
Like with Me Before You, After You is an emotional journey. One that everyone should experience for themselves without spoilers. So I won't say much except that After You deals with loss. It shows how moving on is different for everyone. It shows the impact Will left and that the ones that truly leave us are never truly gone. It shows Lou trying desperately to just figure this all out and trying to find herself again. It shows you never have to be alone. And more importantly After You once again proves you just gotta live. Just live.

Him by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy *****
Awwwww. This book was so adorable and hot. You may have noticed I'm getting more into M/M romance and I have to say that this one is now one of my favourites. It has hockey(Toronto hockey even), best friends falling for each other, cuteness, swoon, very LGBT positive, and just a great story. I'm so glad I caved and spent the $6 on the e-book. #noregrets

The Fate of Ten(Lorien Legacies #6) by Pittacus Lore ****
This series is a really fun, fast paced, adrenaline rush alien adventure. And The Fate of Ten was no exception. John and gang are really having to fight for their lives. I really enjoy these books. Although I did find this one to be kind of a filler, things happened and the plot progressed. It's just I didn't find the material covered warranted 400 pages to get it done. I know who writes this series and I realize it's all about the money. But this could definitely be a six book series. The seventh, and last book will definitely be one epic battle. It's just that battle could have taken place in this book. That being said, every book ends on one major cliff hanger. So another year of waiting I'll be doing.

Dearest Clementine(Dearest #1) by Lex Martin ****.5
Whoa. I was taken by surprise here. This book sucked me in straight away. Clementine is one of the strongest ladies I've read from in a long while. Super tough, sassy and independent. She has the emotional range of child and I could relate so much there. I don't get emotions. What are they? The romance was super hot and swoony. Talk about a good guy. Strong female friendships. Plus the added bonus of some mystery and suspense; which I was not expecting. The writing was effortless and flowed well with the smart dialogue. I cannot wait to pick up the rest of the series. 

Dark Wild Night(Wild Seasons #3) by Christina Lauren ****.5
Okay, I did not think it was possible to top my love for Will Sumner. But it seems to have happened? I'm still all confused up in my brain. So much nerdy sexiness. #Loliver for the win. I am so happy that Christina Lauren re-wrote this book. I was not happy with the original synopsis. It seemed like the relationship between Lola and Oliver was non-existent and I would have missed that. Because their friendship was almost the best part. Super geeks. Lola is easily my favourite of Christina Lauren's ladies. Her need for quite spoke to me. And Oliver, good God. Talk about my ideal man. Sexy geek. He's hard to put into words and I'm sure a very fictional man, who I very much wish was real. He owns a comic book shop and looks like that(see below). Um, yes please! #Lolivers connection is sooo hot. Just my favourite book to date from these ladies.

Tidal by Emily Snow ***
Although enjoyable, Tidal was nothing special. And will probably turn out to be unmemorable. By the half way mark I was considering DNF'ing. I'd just read a really dull sex scene and it kind of just put me off continuing. But I did. And I'm glad that I did. Because I was really surprised how the conflict and there after went down. I figured it would be the same old after math; the falling out. But it wasn't and it was actually done pretty well. So even though Tidal was just okay. I'm happy I read it just for the last thirty pages or so. 

3:AM Kisses(3:AM Kisses #1) by Addison Moore- DNF
Well that 23% of reading was super pleasant. If a whole bunch of superficial overly hormonal douchebags is pleasant to read about. Baya is clearly going to be out to prove to her overbearing hypocritical womanizing brother how not a good girl she can be. And why not do that with the brothers equally as slutty roommate who of course will have a dark past. Nah, I'm good. I especially don't need to read about the amount of times he touches her in a friendly manner yet she might be having a orgasm from that arm pat or squeeze. Ugh. Oh and how about the inconsiderate roommate of Baya's who I guess happens to be some sort of exhibitionist. Because the only bits of the roommate she's been acquainted with are her continually bouncing boobs(if you catch my drift). So save yourself the time and steer right on pass this bundle of joy.

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What did you guys read this week?

Happy reading!



  1. Great reading week! Jojo Moyes is an author I'm really wanting to read so I'm pleased to see how much you enjoyed it. Your instagram pictures are great and I especially love the ones of the dogs! Have a great week!

  2. Loved your wrap up, Brittany! Your's is the first review I've seen of After You and now I'm more excited than ever for it. Like you, I loved Me Before You and when I heard about a follow up I was equal parts exited and wary. I feel a lot better about picking it up now. Dearest Clementine sounds sound quite good... I've not heard of that one before. And I feel like I have completely missed the band wagon with the Christina Lauren books! I've yet to pick one up. At first the titles put me off and I figured they would be super lame/cheesy, but everyone raves about them! Methinks I need to start these soon.

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books