Saturday, 27 June 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up June 20th-26th

I managed to finish six books this week. All NA and romance. It's just the way it is. Four of the were e-books. Two physical. One of those being a re-read.

Easy(Contours of the Heart #1) by Tammara Webber *****(re-read)
I really needed to re-read this one. So I did. I've half written a review for it. So I will get that up next week.

At Any Price(Gaming the System #1) by Brenna Aubrey ****
I freakin' love Mia and Adam together. Or apart. Or fooling around. I just wanted to reach into the book and smash their faces together. I love me a good nerdy couple. And the sexual tension was just melting off the page. I knew Adam's MO from the start but it still didn't take away from me needing to see how Mia would react. I thought it was so super sweet. May have gone about it in not the smartest way. But that's the way of romance. Not only did I love Mia and Adam, but the supporting cast was great. Added a lot to their story. Very solid romance book.

At Any Turn(Gaming the System #2) by Brenna Aubrey ****.5
Clearly I needed to jump right into the second book. This one is from Adam's POV. Which I really liked. He may have come off as a bit of an asshole in the beginning. Wasn't really thinking about Mia's dreams, more that he didn't want to lose her. Which lead him to some very idiotic moves. But I got it. Mia was so hot and cold. They were both suffering through emotional whiplash. Just stop with the secrets. Ugh! Okay, they actually didn't brother me that much. I just wanted my new OTP to be happy in love. And it wasn't working out that way for most of this book. I still loved the book. The ending made it impossible not to dive into the next book. Obviously I did just that.

At Any Moment(Gaming the System #3) by Brenna Aubrey *****
What a change in ton this one took. My eyes were constantly red. But I was so impressed with how everything was dealt with. The emotions and actions of Mia and Adam were 100% realistic. Obviously I was so sad for Mia. But Adam really impressed me. He didn't try and take advantage of the situation. He didn't let his emotions run his motives. He put Mia first and than was true enough to realize that love doesn't fix everything. You have to work on yourself and be the best you can be before you can do the same for your partner. Just absolutely loved this finale to Mia and Adam's story. So much. Annndddd I am beyond excited to get William's book later this year. I have never read a book with an Autistic MC. I fully believe that Aubrey will do a fantastic job.

Kaleidoscope Hearts(Hearts #1) by Claire Contreras ****
One of my favourite romance tropes is the brothers best friend romance. It's sooo appealing to me. Right away I wasn't sold on the story. It wasn't the relationship, just something was missing. But that changed at about the 25% mark. I don't really know what it was. Maybe just a little change in Elle's attitude(it wasn't bad to being with). Whatever, it picked up at that point and I became fully invested. First off I really loved Elle's relationship with Vic, her brother. Being in your mid-twenties and moving in with your brother is not ideal. Especially when he's a bachelor. But it made for some funny and awkward moments. Romance wise the tension between Elle and Oliver was hot. I love when there's a angsty romantic history. Elle not trusting Oliver to leave her again with a broken heart was warranted. But getting Oliver's POV helped understand where he was coming from. Although he is still a jerk for the way he left her. I understood him. Kids are impressionable and him wanting to be fully established in life before settling down is totally logical. But I guess he failed to realize that life might through you wrench and it's alright to go with it. Anyhow, another solid romance with a great couple. 

Disarm(Disarm #1-6) by June Gray ****
Basically this one has three of my favourite romance tropes; he's her brother's best friend, roommate and in the Air Force. So there was like a 1% chance I wasn't going to love it. Was it amazing? No. But it was mostly everything I needed it to be. Henry and Elsie's relationship development was pretty much on point. The whole I've known you for forever, have loved you from afar may seem really romantic. And I really think it is. But I also see it come with a shit load of complications and history which can be harder than getting together with someone you just met. So Henry and Elsie going throw ups and downs and heart break the way they did really kept the relationship real. Although I thought this book was their complete story, it wasn't. Of course I'm okay with that. The hard part is waiting for the next book to show up at my house.

What did you guys read this week?

Happy reading!


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  1. Wow congratulations on reading 6 books this week! I'm not really into NA Romance but I'm glad you enjoyed all of them! Kaleidoscope Hearts caught my eye though, because I agree with you I love the trope brother's best friend romance. :)

    -Kimi at Geeky Chiquitas