Sunday, 8 February 2015

Showcase Sunday #72

Showcase Sunday is a weekly meme held by Books, Biscuits and Tea. It allows fellow bloggers to show off any books or bookish things they've compiled over the week.

Hello, friends. How was your week? I'm repeat myself and say busy at work. It also snowed. A lot. Brittany is not a happy camper. I also drove to a doctors appointment to be told that the doctor was away. So apparently I was given an imaginary appointment. Sat in traffic and was late for work for nothing. Grrr...
Last Sunday I had my first book club brunch with some blogger friends. It was so much fun. Can't for for our next one at the end of the month. We also did some book exchanges and just general giving of the books as book nerds do. I unhauled a lot of books on these girls(not like they were complaining), but I also got a few. One being signed, personalized and signed. My pre-orders came in too. This was a big release week. Three I've already read(two of them were just me getting a finished copy). So much love. Especially I'll Meet You There. If you didn't catch my review, it will no doubt be in my top 15 of 2015. I'm so happy I can now display the hardcover on my shelf. 

Better When He's Bold(Welcome to the Point #2) by Jay Crownover: My pre-order finished copy showed up this week. My review went up earlier this week as well. So happy to add to my Jay Crownover collection.
Invaded(Alienated #2) by Melissa Landers: Pre-order as well. Excited to dive into this sequel sometime in the next few days.
Hero by Samantha Young: My love for Young knows no bounds. I think this is my favourite to date..
I'll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios: My finished copy of what will easily be one of my favourites book of 2015 showed up. There might have been some hugging involved.
The Martian by Andy Weir: I do have an e-ARC of this one, but I wanted the paper back because this should be exactly a Brittany book.

Smoke(Burned #2) by Ellen Hopkins: Thank you, Giselle! Burned is my favourite Hopkins book. So I will be reading this one soon.
The Geography of You and Me by Jennifer E Smith: Thank you, Juhina! Be saving this one for warmer weather.
Seraphina(Seraphina #1) by Rachel Hartman: Juhina went to a brunch with Rachel. And because she's super awesome, and knows how much I love Seraphina she picked up the new cover hard cover and got it signed for me. *hugs*

Ashes to Ashes(Burn for Burn #3) by Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian: Thank you to Simon & Schuster for surprising me with this finished copy.
Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley: Thank you to HCC Frenzy for sending me this. I'm sooooo excited!

What did you guys get this week?

Happy reading!



  1. I am excited to see what you think of I'll Meet You There!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. And that is why doctor's offices and I don't get along. No other business could you do that with! Looks like you got some interesting books to make up for all the snow! I've had Geography of You and Me months ago and even though I really want to read it I haven't yet. You should review it soon to give me a push. Have a great week and stay warm!

  3. Is the Seraphina cover really that colorful? Or is the camera playing tricks on my eyes? Either way, that book is really good! I'm interested to see what you think of Magonia. I recently finished it and concluded its Different read. I also Pre-Ordered Invaded. Covergasm love. I hope you enjoy your Amazing haul!

    Mimi Zane @ M&EM Read YA

  4. A signed copy of Seraphina? Be still, my beating heart! (Well, actually, no; keep beating. But I am just a teesny bit envious. I do have a hardcover copy on its way to me, though - sans signature.) Sorry about your doctor's appointment. Hopefully the lovely new books made up for it a little!