Thursday, 11 December 2014

Brittany vs Samantha 2015 Challenge

So, Samantha and I are doing this thing in 2015 where we're challenging each other to read 12 of our favourite books. It's not a competition. I just want her to read some of my favourite books, and she feels the same way. We have pretty similar tastes and opinions on books(we pretty much agree 90% of the time). We've done a lot of buddy reading in the last year. Well, really we've just read a lot of the same books. But there are those books we read years ago or the other one just hasn't read yet, that are some of our favourites. I want Samantha to read them. Of course I think she'll love the books I'm going to list below as much as I do. And I can't wait to see the one's she's chosen for me.
That was a long winded explanation just to say,

Samantha, here are the 12 books I challenge you to read in 2015!

The Humans: I love this book for its dark British humor and brilliant take on humanity. Plus anything that involves aliens, even a little bit, is a must in my books. I really think you'll enjoy The Humans for the exact same reasons I do, Samantha.
Me Before You: I know you bought this one earlier this year(I believe I had influence on that purchase...LOL). And I know you haven't read it yet. But you NEED to! This is more than chick-lit. It's a wonderful book that literally has every single feel. It's funny and heartwarming. But it will also make you cry and think. Prepare for everything and have tissues handy.
Watermelon(Walsh Family #1): Marian Keyes is one of my favourite authors, especially the books centered around the Walsh sisters. Although Watermelon is not my absolute favourite of the companion series, I think it's best to start at the beginning. Keyes sense of humour is the biggest draw for me when reading her books. She is spot on. But of course her characters are extremely easy to connect with.
My Best Friend's Girl: I picked this one up years ago on whim. And holy crap! I was not expecting such a heartwarming book. The beginning packs an emotional punch(there may be a few more throughout as well), but as the story goes on and the MC learns to manage her very unexpected life change, I feel in love. Another Kleenex warning here, Samantha.
Firefly Lane: This was my first foray into Kristin Hannah's writing and also solidified me as a fan. Firefly Lane is full of frustration as it explores the dynamics of different relationships. I remember there being tears but I also remember absolutely adoring this book. Exactly what I love in adult fiction. I think that's the same for you too, Samantha.
Ready Player One: I'm sure you know all about this one. So much hype. But well deserved hype. This one is just so much fun. It is perfect for us; the geeky type. It reads just like a movie and is exactly like a video game. All the 80's references(I got most of them) are the perfect touch. No Kleenex needed here. Lol.

Poison Study(Study #1): This one needs no explanation. Right? No surprise either. You totally knew I was going to pick Poison Study. I know it's been in your TBR a few times. And now you have no excuses, you MUST read it. I literally just finished a re-read of the trilogy and I think I loved it even more this time around than I did 4 years ago. Also, one of my favourite ships. My heart cannot contain all the love I have for this couple.
Finnikin of the Rock(Lumatere Chronicles #1): I really have nothing to do tell you here besides this is as fantastic as Throne of Glass. Two totally different fantasy stories. But the epicness and brilliant world building in this trilogy is just mind blowing. I can't even describe to you. Finnikin is a bit of a slow start, but push through and you will be thoroughly rewarded.
Birthmarked(Birthmarked #1): So you know as much as me that dystopians are over done. But Birthmarked is one of the earlier dystopians and wholly original. This first book is amazing and even though it has been like 5 years since I first read it, I still remember a lot. But most of all I remember flying through it. I could not turn those pages fast enough.
Liberty: This one might a little mean because there should be another book. But at this point there is no word if there will be. That being said, it's not like it ends on a cliff hanger. And if the author sees more readers loving her book it would hopefully spur her on to get that sequel out. Anyhow, this was compared to Firefly for YA readers and that couldn't be closer to the truth. This rag tag team is awesome. I want to explore more planets with them. Liberty is just fun.
Sloppy Firsts(Jessica Darling #1): I do wish I'd read this series in high school. But no matter, even when I first read it being in my mid-twenties didn't take away from how well I connected to Jessica Darling. She is awkward and totally smart. She's curious about herself and body. She's a word wizard. I love her to pieces. This series is so easy to relate to. Packed full of LOL's. And the shippy-ness of it, Samantha. You will approve.
Clipped Wings(Clipped Wings #1): I think this year we both really discovered NA. And our extreme love and addiction for it. Which now that we've read so much of it, it can make for a hard time discovering the those wonderful gems. Well recently I found that in Clipped Wings. As an indie title it doesn't have the readership it deserves. But I know once you read it and love it(please love it) we can literally slap everyone in the face with it. Clipped Wings has everything we love in a NA. Especially the tattoos and ink shop. I know how much you've discovered your love of those things this year. Haha! ;)

So any surprises? I know a few of these I've bugged you to read before. I'm just so excited for you to read these beauties. I need you to love them so we can fangirl about all the stuff. :D

Happy reading, Samantha! <3



  1. I'M SO EXCITED!!!!
    Obviously there are a few I knew were going to be on here - mainly Poison Study and Me Before You! And now I have to actually make sure I read Poison Study! I'm really excited for Finnikin of the Rock & Birthmarked! I've been eyeing up Birthmarked for a while now!
    Ready Player One! This book is everywhere! I picked it up from my library last year intending to read it, and never did. But I will now! I'm mostly excited for the Adult recommendations though, since I need to read a lot more Adult fiction.
    Hopefully I won't fail at this challenge! :D

  2. Ready Player One sounds interesting and Kristin Hannah and Marian Keyes are on my TBR. Sounds like you've picked an interesting list for her!

  3. Great picks. I am planning to read Ready Player One very soon, it looks so good. I recommended it to a guy I work with because it sounded like something he'd enjoy, he stayed up till 5am finishing it. Me Before You is a book I am also planning to read, have heard such good things about that one. My Best Friend's Girl was one I read and really enjoyed, but I think Goodnight Beautiful was my favourite book by her, even though I hated the ending.