Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Top 5 Wednesday: Rebellion Groups

Top 5 Wednesday is a meme started by Lainey at Ginger Reads Lainey. Find the list of all the #T5WFamily here.

This weeks topic is:

Top 5 Favourite Rebellion Groups!

I feel like this one was kind of hard for me. There were a few groups that came to my mind instantly, but they're not terribly unique. Oh well, they are my favourites so it is what it is. I also couldn't really think of any rebellion type groups outside of dystopians/fantasies(I may just be overlooking some obvious ones), but I guess that's where you would find the bulk of politically driven stories.

5. Avery/Fifteen Realms

I can't think if there was an actual name for Avery's group. But it doesn't matter, this "rebellion" is totally all Avery. Well not completely. But she is so totally kick ass and things wouldn't have gone the way they did without her.

4. Patriots

The Legend trilogy is just full of rebellious acts against different political groups. And like a lot of rebellion groups, the Patriots definitely have problems of their own. That's why I'm on team Day & June. I just freakin' love this trilogy!

3. Divergent/Factionless

Insurgent is one of my favourite books/sequels. I love the turn the story takes.

2. Mockingjay

Is that what the rebellion is called? I just re-read Mockingjay, so I'm going with that.

1. Dumbledore's Army

Was there any doubt that the DA would be on here? Nooooooo.

Happy reading!



  1. Great list! Mockingjay and Dumbledore's Army are great picks. I haven't read the other 3 but the Fifteen Realms book looks interesting and Divergent is on my TBR.

  2. Brilliant picks. The only one I don't know is Touch of Power, but I've read the other four. They are great picks, especially Dumbledore's Army! :) I don't know about the Mockingjay either, I think they are just kind of known as the rebellion. I don't know if they ever really give it a name other than that.