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TAG: Creatures of the Night

Creatures of the Night Book TAG created by Kat at Katytastic. Find the original video here.

Basically I'm just going to recommend my favourite books featuring the following creatures. I'm also going to be trying really hard not to mention Harry Potter for every answer.

Here's the thing, I've actually not read a lot of Vampire books. And of the books I've read with vampires, I haven't liked a lot of them. So this was an easy pick for me; Vampire Academy. I don't think this needs much explanation. It's an awesome series that gets better with each book. I've yet to read Bloodlines(I plan to marathon when the final book is released this winter), but I've heard that one is even better.  

Another creature I haven't read many books centered around. But again, there's really not other option. Remus Lupin. He's one of my favourite characters. You can't help but feel for him. Yet he totally doesn't need your pity. And he's so good to Harry. 

Alright, truth. I have not gotten in this zombie fade. In fact I effing hate them. That means I sure haven't read more than like two things with zombie like things in them. So I don't know if this is sorta cheating, but I read the Reboot duology this summer and really enjoyed it. They're kind of like zombies. A person dies and some of them than reboot themselves and come back as stronger less emotional version of themselves. The longer before a person reboots the stronger and more android like they are. It's pretty cool. 

Ha ha....*shivers* My least favourite paranormal creature, thing, whatever. Seriously though, ghosts scare the bejesus out of me. So if there's a paranormal book I'm staying away from, it's one that involves ghosts. For the most part anyhow. I really liked the Anna duology. It's totally creepy and I probably slept with the lights on. But the atmospheric writing and characters drew me in anyhow. Anna is a super freaky ghost. She'll murder you. 

Staying away from the very obvious, but best answer, still leaves me with a lot of options. I love me some magic. I find epic fantasy really has some the best magic systems. One of my very favourite fantasy trilogies(soon to be series) has a pretty cool mix of magical elements. The Study Series is bloody brilliant. Everything about it is wonderful. It's been too long since I read it, but with a new book coming out early next year I will be getting my re-reading on very shortly. 

These creatures I have a very love/hate relationship with. I hated them all until I read The Iron Fey series last year. Oh my God, I love those books. They made me second guess my hatred of all Fey. I just loved everything about the books; the world, writing and characters. Especially the characters. Seriously, it took me like five days to read all six books that were published at the time. I'd say that says something. 

I'm pretty sure this will come as no surprise, The Dark Elements Series. Roth is a demon. Roth is a complete jackass. But that doesn't stop him being the most swoon-worthy and hot demon out there. His attitude and snappy conversational skills also don't hurt his image. He is making a run for one of my top fictional boyfriends. Clearly the White Hot Kiss and Stone Cold Touch are perfect books too. You know I am a complete fangirl for JLA, I love anything she writes. But, this is easily my favourite series of hers to date. 

I have two favourite angel series. As a whole though, I loved The Unearthly Trilogy the most. The whole angel thing can get quite repetitive. The same thing over and over again just regurgitated under a different title. And I was totally feeling that way until Unearthly came around. Guys, if you think you're over the fallen angel trend but haven't given Unearthly a try, I'd recommend picking it up. I think it will change your mind. It's not cheesy at all. Clara is totally relateable and kick-ass. Plus there's Tucker. Yup. *swoon*

Again, I'll stay away from the glaringly obvious answer and say The Saga graphic novels. This has so much hype around it this year. It's soooo deserved. I'm not a graphic novel connoisseur by any means. But I love my sci-fi and originality. Saga delivers on both accounts. It's fun and hilarious. The story pulls you in on the first page. The base plot about star-crossed lovers isn't new but everything beyond that is unique. Especially the characters. Best bunch of rag tag characters I've meet in a long time. 

Superpowered Human
Ummm...How about my most favourite series out there. The Elemental series is about extremely hot brothers that can control the elements. Need I say more? Although if you've been around my blog before you know I name drop this series at least once a week. Obviously I think it deserves way more readers. Kemmerer is a genius writer. It's fantastic how I can go from laughing one page to gasping on the next. If you want action, cool characters that can control the elements(very cool), with whip fast dialogue than there is no other option. Obviously. 

What are some of your favourite paranormal creatures?

Happy Halloween!


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